Friday, December 19, 2014

The Princess Is One

After a very scary pregnancy, birth and year of growing, the Princess has turned one! Her birthday was last Friday. I am late posting pictures! I have had her a lot this past week and had to catch up on Christmas shopping!!!!!(-: She is the joy of my life! I am the happiest Grandma in the world and I am so blessed to have her!

My kids both loved their "cars" so that's what I got her for her birthday!

She had her own whipped cream cake!

She loved it and was very well mannered while she just took a small sample each time.

The cake melted before she ever really got to dig to speak!
All decked out in her Minnie Mouse outfit.

She is telling everyone she is ONE!!!!!!

Playing with her drum. She loves to make sound and the drum was from her great aunt and uncle!

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ferne said...

She is so precious! Can't believe how fast time goes with little ones. My grandson is already 3 1/2 and I don't see him often enough that is for sure...lucky you to be so close!