Friday, December 26, 2014

Making Christmas Memories

I finally got Christmas ornaments with everyone's name and we were able to place them on the tree together. I have always wanted to do this. For whatever reason I never was able to.
This year I did! It made my day(-: Did anyone ever watch Days of Our Lives? I started watching when I was a teenager.
When I was growing up, I always wished our family was into Christmas and decorations like they were. Instead, I lived with an alcoholic mother who was never happy, to put it mildly. I always had the job of decorations. No one else wanted to. The tree was plain and simple. White doves and gold lighted garland. That was it.

When I got married we started collecting the hallmark ornaments. When the kids were in school we added their creations. We never forked out the money to get all the ornaments with our names on them. This year I searched the internet for something I liked and found these.
I got one for everyone. They are simple yet I think they look great on the tree.(-: Love them! They are made out of wood. The names are laser cut. Can't wait till next year to put them up again.
Hope you had an awesome Christmas!!!!
Enjoy your weekend!


My Little Family: said...

Cindee those are great ornaments! I'm happy you are able to turn around not-so-good Christmas memories/traditions with new ones. I love Christmas and it's even better when there are little ones around. I've started adding European traditions each year - last year was the pickle hidden in the tree and this year the feast of seven fishes on Christmas Eve. Oh and the Scandanavian scattering of birdseed on Christmas day - I guess that's 3 in 2 years.

CiNdEe said...

That does sound really fun!!! Next year we have more plans for our Granddaughter. I can't wait(-: It is a lot more fun when kids are around.(-: