Saturday, December 27, 2014

Fun With Chalkboards

Crossed a couple more things off my to do list. I made a couple chalkboards. The first frame I used was a picture. I removed the picture.
 I bought a piece of wood at Michaels to make a sturdy back for the chalkboard part. I cut it to fit. Then I painted it, sanded it and painted several more coats of paint on it. I then glued it into the frame.
Now we have a place to write messages.(-: Yes, we can use our phones but I like the old fashioned way of leaving a message for someone.(-:
The second frame I used was a sign. I painted over the sign with the chalkboard paint, sanded it and painted it with several more coats of paint.
 I thought it would make a perfect chalkboard to greet people that came in the front door. I can write whatever fits the occasion. I just quickly wrote the Happy New Year message so you could see how it looked. It did take me most of the day to get all the coats of paint done and dried but I think it turned out pretty fun(-:

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ferne said...

Great idea! Now you can play with all that chalk board art that is out there!