Saturday, December 27, 2014

Fun With Chalkboards

Crossed a couple more things off my to do list. I made a couple chalkboards. The first frame I used was a picture. I removed the picture.
 I bought a piece of wood at Michaels to make a sturdy back for the chalkboard part. I cut it to fit. Then I painted it, sanded it and painted several more coats of paint on it. I then glued it into the frame.
Now we have a place to write messages.(-: Yes, we can use our phones but I like the old fashioned way of leaving a message for someone.(-:
The second frame I used was a sign. I painted over the sign with the chalkboard paint, sanded it and painted it with several more coats of paint.
 I thought it would make a perfect chalkboard to greet people that came in the front door. I can write whatever fits the occasion. I just quickly wrote the Happy New Year message so you could see how it looked. It did take me most of the day to get all the coats of paint done and dried but I think it turned out pretty fun(-:

Friday, December 26, 2014

Making Christmas Memories

I finally got Christmas ornaments with everyone's name and we were able to place them on the tree together. I have always wanted to do this. For whatever reason I never was able to.
This year I did! It made my day(-: Did anyone ever watch Days of Our Lives? I started watching when I was a teenager.
When I was growing up, I always wished our family was into Christmas and decorations like they were. Instead, I lived with an alcoholic mother who was never happy, to put it mildly. I always had the job of decorations. No one else wanted to. The tree was plain and simple. White doves and gold lighted garland. That was it.

When I got married we started collecting the hallmark ornaments. When the kids were in school we added their creations. We never forked out the money to get all the ornaments with our names on them. This year I searched the internet for something I liked and found these.
I got one for everyone. They are simple yet I think they look great on the tree.(-: Love them! They are made out of wood. The names are laser cut. Can't wait till next year to put them up again.
Hope you had an awesome Christmas!!!!
Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, December 19, 2014

The Princess Is One

After a very scary pregnancy, birth and year of growing, the Princess has turned one! Her birthday was last Friday. I am late posting pictures! I have had her a lot this past week and had to catch up on Christmas shopping!!!!!(-: She is the joy of my life! I am the happiest Grandma in the world and I am so blessed to have her!

My kids both loved their "cars" so that's what I got her for her birthday!

She had her own whipped cream cake!

She loved it and was very well mannered while she just took a small sample each time.

The cake melted before she ever really got to dig to speak!
All decked out in her Minnie Mouse outfit.

She is telling everyone she is ONE!!!!!!

Playing with her drum. She loves to make sound and the drum was from her great aunt and uncle!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Raging Creek

We have had about 4 inches of rain from the big storm that arrived last night. More on the way supposedly. It is awesome. We need rain so badly here. It has been a long time since the creek was this high!
This creek was bone dry this past Summer. Not even a drop of water. It was scary. I have lived here all my life and have not seen the creek dry up completely that way. SO I am jumping for joy over this storm! We are finally getting some rain here in this severe dry area.
Let the flooding begin!(-: The plants and trees are going to love it!(-:

Monday, December 8, 2014

Coffee Talk

Are there still people that make their own coffee around?
LOL Yeah thought so! (-:
I accidentally dropped my carafe and broke it. I was pretty bummed when I found out a new one cost 25.00 plus shipping! Seriously? Why not buy a whole new machine? So that's what I did. I ordered a new 14 cup Cuisinart because that has been my favorite so far.

I know a lot of people like those fancy Keurig things. I drink a lot of coffee and I would go broke if I had to buy those all the time. Nope, for me it's a big coffee maker and my trusted friend, Folgers!
Yup I am old school. And, so proud of it! My kids tease me all the time! I don't go to Starbucks or Dutch Bros. At  4 bucks a pop for that stuff I can buy a lot of Folgers!

When I broke the carafe, of course I still had to have coffee until my new machine arrived, so I borrowed a different carafe from work.
The only problem was, it didn't fit under the filter basket because of the pause and serve feature.
Well since I was getting a new machine anyhow, why not take that off?
Come to find out it just pops out. Presto! Coffee is ready in half the time!
Why didn't I remove that thing before? I never knew it was so easy! So if you are struggling to wait for the coffee to finish and you are like me and don't like to take that first cup by using the pause and serve feature then just pop that thing out and your coffee will be ready in a flash! I bet it works on other machines as well!
Your welcome!

Oh and one more thing. I found mine at Macys cheaper then amazon. Even with free shipping! Surprises never cease! Can't wait until tomorrow for it to arrive.(-:

Friday, December 5, 2014

Semp Order

I ordered a one pound bag of Semps and they arrived yesterday. Since I had the Princess I was unable to get them planted. First thing this morning I got out and got that done. There were about 100 babies. I ran out of pots. So I ended up putting several in one pot. That's o.k. I can separate them later.
It was lightly raining outside so it made for a nice day. Can't wait to see them grow.
Terrible picture. I tried, it just didn't want to focus I guess. LOL It was the one time I didn't come in and check to see if the picture worked or not. So that's what I get! There were a lot of those little things.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Watering Can Wreath

I saw one of these wreaths at OSH hardware. I really wanted to buy it but it was 69.00. When I got home I researched the prices and found that I could buy the watering cans for between 3 and 5 dollars. Guess I could make my own. Adding it to the list of projects for next year.