Thursday, October 23, 2014

Rice Krispies Ear

Anyone ever have this going on in their ear? It is annoying to say the least. Went to doc yesterday. He thinks it is allergy related. I have a lot of pressure like when you go up in the mountains or on a plane etc.  I have not done either to have this happen!
He said there is bulging in the ear. Fluid behind eardrum or something.
It won't clear up and I have tried everything over the counter for it. So I got RX for Flonase yesterday and will try that and see if this ear will clear up. I may be in the looney bin if not.(-:

So fun to get old. NOT!(-:
Also I need a bump removed from my finger that is bothering me a lot. Doc thinks it is a cyst. So referred to Ortho hand specialist. Yippee. Same hand I cut finger off with the lawn mower. I think it is related to that incident. That finger was split like a banana and they sewed it back together. So I am sure it is a problem from that. Middle finger could not completely saved because the top part was cut off, but it works well. No problems there. Just the bump on the index finger is painful when I do a lot of typing. So off it will go and then I will be typing at lightening speed again! (-:

Hope all is well with you! Have a great day!

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CanadianGardenJoy said...

Oh my gosh Cindee girl !
I can understand about the ear bothering you .. John had a terrible time with his but he had been in the ocean swimming when he goes to Cuba .. so flying combined with that is bad. Then add allergies to make the inside of the ear so itchy you think you will go mad ... so yes I understand you must feel awful ... plus the finger thing ? holy cow !! I had no idea you almost hacked off your fingers with the mower ... you are not having much luck girl .. avoid mowers and knives !!! seriously !!! Take Care
Joy : )