Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Frogs and an Apron

I have had these primitive frogs for years. I bought them online. I do have the artists name if someone wants it.
I have always loved them so much, and I never get tired of their happy faces greeting me as I enter the kitchen!(-: I have a baby frog too. He is displayed on another shelf.
I decided the other day that the Mother frog really needed something added to her dress. So I added an apron I embroidered with the saying from my blog. I coffee stained it to match her already coffee/tea stained dress.
 I found a super easy tutorial online that shows how you can print a pattern on your ink jet printer using fabric! It is so awesome and it works great. Here is the directions incase you want to try one yourself.

I was a little concerned about trying it but it was really easy. It makes embroidering something so much easier then trying to trace a design on fabric or ironing it on. I plan to make some other things when I get a chance. It was really fun(-: You can also do this to transfer a design to wood. I haven't tried that yet but I plan to someday.


ferne said...

Sew cute! I have an embroidery of this almost is waiting for a few more flowers is all, waiting time...about 2 years. I love the saying...maybe I should finish that up and do something with it!

CiNdEe said...

I hope you post a picture when you finish(-: I bet it will be beautiful. Mine is very primitive. I cheated and painted the one flower on there. (-: Since it was just for an apron I felt like it would work well for that.(-: