Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Done Fishing?

I found this cute Sid the Fish from Carruth Studios on Amazon and thought why not order it?
Well it arrived and I could barely find it in the box!
Not only was I not satisfied with the product but it was not advertised correctly.
This fish was a wall hanger. They said on Amazon it was a fish you could display on the ground...if you could find it that is!
Seriously it was maybe 4 inches long. More like 3.
Well I complained and sent it back. Free postage of course! So they asked if I wanted to order another one. I said not the same one, but a bigger size. Well lucky for me there was a BIG Sid!

So it came today. Seriously, it was broken! Was I upset?
Yup I was a little upset. I wrote another complaint and they said they would refund my money and to just keep the broken fish. No need to send it back. So that was a new one. I have never actually got to keep something that I got a refund on. SO that made me a little happier.(-:

Sid has a broken fin on one side. He is still basically a wall hanger but hanging will not be his fate.

This fish is bigger at about 8 inches long. Again advertised as 11". That is a lot different. The broken fin is on the side that will face away, so more then likely no one will ever  notice it.
Still it just makes me mad that they sent it broken. After looking through the box there were no pieces that matched the broken area! So how could it be sent in one piece and then break in transit and have no broken pieces in the box? Plus he was not wrapped in bubble wrap. He was just sat in the box on top of shredded papers.
Here is what Sid looks like out in the garden in a pot of snake plant.(-:

So I guess I should be all done fishing right?
Well no. I still have a whale to catch! Lucky thing it is in an online auction!
Stay tuned for a whale of a story...

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CanadianGardenJoy said...

Wow .... I would be VERY leery of buying anything from them again .. but I have to say that face cracks me up ?! ... Sid seems to be a perfect name too ... but that was too much trouble to go through girl !
Joy : )