Saturday, October 4, 2014



ferne said...

A great last hurrah! Our fall sale is on now and I keep getting asked "what can I plant now that will bloom all year?" Wow if I were a flower and had to bloom through the heat all summer and the freezing cold all winter I would be tired! Then they also want it to smell great too. Some people appreciate flowers for what they are, like you and others expect a LOT from a little plant...those are the ones who also want low maintenance...they say "I am gone a lot"...yikes! You are a wonderful and crafty gardener, thanks for sharing your pictures here!

CiNdEe said...

LOL That is funny. Now when you come up with a flower that blooms year around let me know(-: I guess if we lived in Hawaii we could enjoy blooms year around(-: But not here where its 110 degrees in the Summer and then freezing in the Winter. LOL
I need to come by and see what there is left at the nursery. I am always in need of something(-: Maybe even another little statuary for the garden(-: I will miss all the green. Soon everything will be all dead. But I do enjoy that time of year too. It gives me more time to work inside(-:

ferne said...

Pottery goes on sale Friday 30% off, but statuary is not on sale this time around. We got one truck load of plants today and there should be another coming tomorrow or Thursday. I hope I will get a chance to meet you if you come by!