Monday, September 8, 2014

Warm September Days

End of the Summer photos. I had to replant the table and chairs so I re did the whole thing. I bought those wire planters with the coir things already in them. Maybe have better luck this time instead of chicken wire. I have a problem with the squirrels digging in them, but I think I have it fixed much better this time.

The fountain garden is doing really well. I added some moss there as well. Hope that helps keep the area from drying out so much.

If I had to say what was the best bloomer in the garden this year it would be the supertunias. I will have to get pictures of them. Next year I think I need to get more. They seem to bloom forever. Nothing eats them and no one digs in the planters.
Jack needs to sit outside there and protect all the stuff from the squirrels I guess. I am sure he would enjoy that job.(-:

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Paula @ Blooms 'n' Spades said...

I have a problem with squirrels here too, they either dig up what I've planted, or plant their monkey nuts all over the garden! Your fountain garden is looking really pretty.