Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Floatin' On Air

Is how I felt when My "Junkin" brother gave me this totally awesome float to hang in my garden. It was thrown away and he got it for me.(-: I might add that these floats are very hard to come by, so whomever threw it away lost a chunk of change! So glad they did though! It is about two feet long. It weighs probably 10 pounds or so. Mainly its more of a unique find for my garden! I love old junky rusty stuff and for me this is a treasure!

I hung it above my sink fountain. It now resides next to the mermaid and the seahorse. It is all looking so nice in that little area.

I ordered this little critter to poke in the plant below the sink. He should feel right at home when he arrives.(-:

The fish planter is doing real well too.  Thought I would share a photo of it.


Paula @ Blooms 'n' Spades said...

I love your new little garden treasure, it's very unique. The octopus is great too, I'm sure he'll look fab nestled in the plants :-) .

CiNdEe said...

Jack would love to guide you through the garden My Little Family(-: He could show you the squirrel hide outs(-:

Thanks Paula! I can't wait to get the octopus. I also found a cement koi fish I think would look cute there too.(-: And I am also contemplating making a round mirror mosaic to hang above the sink instead of the one there now.(-: A lot to think about for the Winter months(-:

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Cindee girl I can't get over how amazing your gardens are with these gorgeous little vignettes ... so glad you got the float and wow on that octopus ! The cement koi sounds exactly like something I would love too !
I can't find a lot of things I would like in my garden (have to wait for next Spring now for sure) Although I did order a ladybug house that was on an amazing sale ... so I guess I better say I can find a few things .. but never as good as what you find and what you make girl !! Congratulations : )