Sunday, May 11, 2014

Garden stroll

I now have more whirly things in my garden then most people have on their house.(-: I did try to give some away. No one wanted any. It is hard to explain making a planter out of something that looks like it belongs on the roof. But with a few things removed they work great! One I did leave as a whirly thing. Sometimes it spins but most of the time it just sits there in all it's rusted glory. I love rust(-: The two new ones won't rust though. They are aluminum but I think they look nice just the way they are(-:
 I bought several new Heuchera and a couple of Hosta. I had my Chauffeur (aka my husband) drive me all over the place Saturday to hunt down all the things I wanted.(-:
The old grain storage bin was replanted yesterday with hens and chicks. I sat my metal chicken up next to them. Last year I had mondo grass in it, but did not like it, so I took it all out yesterday and replanted with the hens and chicks(sempervivim).
The other little chicken planter I put a sempervivum in too. Those things multiply like crazy. I love that. I can count on them to fill up things each year. I do have a lot of different ones to pick from. Some are hardy growers and some are not so. I do like how they look though when they fill in a pot or something. They look really nice in shoes.

Of course I saved the best for last. My new little owl planter. I was at the nursery last week and decided I could not leave without it. I haven't found a place to put him yet. I just stuck him in that wagon for his photograph. I don't want him to break. I have not decided what to plant in him yet either. More Semps? Flowers?
I did find other things on my shopping trip. I will post them later. I am out of room!

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CanadianGardenJoy said...

Cindee girl OMG !!! I totally love your owl planter ... he is beautiful !!!
All your little touches are so creative .. you have such a talent for artful plantings and YES ! I love sempervivum too and have them all over the garden even with our terrible winters they thrive and come back looking amazing : )
I am going to smil every time I think of owls because you and I are addicted to them ? LOL .. you more than I because you actually have real ones around and I don't ... BIG sigh !
Take care girl !
Joy (I am in the middle of garden chaos here ... )