Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun?

Well maybe, or maybe it just flies by! Seems like one day it is Sunday and the next it is Saturday again. I can't keep up! 

We have been getting soaked with rain. I am loving it so much. We had 3.5 inches from this last storm. Everything is soaked. It's so great. We have needed it so much. I lost count on the number of inches since the rains began but it must be getting close to 20 inches now. Still a long ways to go to catch up but the reservoirs here are full and running down to the creek. The grass is green and growing like crazy and I am enjoying the beauty of Spring! And, last week we had a double rainbow. You can see it faintly in the picture. I had to go grab camera and run out to get the picture by then of course it had faded out. It was so beautiful!

I know my Dad is smiling down knowing things will grow another year! He was always one to call me and ask how much rain I got. It was always funny how we got a different amount up on the hill then he did down by the creek. We are only 1/4 mile away(-: We had a lot of good conversations about weather! I miss him so much.  This has been the worst year of my life and yet having Klara has been the best year. Its such a bittersweet time.
I am sure everyone who has lost someone they love understands. There are moments I pick up the phone to call my Dad and remember he is no longer here. I am sure someday it will be easier.  Having Klara here of course gets my mind off of my loss, but there again I wish my Dad had been here to meet her and hang out with us. He would really have enjoyed seeing her grow.

The ranch has taken a hit from the scrapers. They stole a CAT D8 Ram. No idea how they did it, but it was up near the road attached to the blade and they removed it. Those things are so heavy. I am sure they thought they could scrap it out and get a lot of money. I can't imagine anyone doing that got out without a hernia at least. Police report filed but probably never see it again. We moved the rest down near the shop where we can keep an eye on it.

So that's another update from me. Today has sun in for forecast so I am sure it will be beautiful! Enjoy your week!

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