Saturday, February 1, 2014

Spring Cleaning?

Is anyone ready for Spring? I feel like we never had Winter. Well except for the short days and all that. I am cleaning out cupboards and getting things organized. Bought some new dishes to go with my new paint in the kitchen. Kind of an attempt to get things looking cheerful(-: I picked out the Fiestaware dishes in shamrock green. I thought they were a pretty green. I have had a yellow set of Fiestaware for years. I use it everyday and I love it, but thought I would add something new.

Speaking of having them for years. Does anyone have utensil marks on their plates, bowls etc? Well to get rid of mine I used Nothin's Better glass cleaner. It took the marks right off. I swear I should be a spokesperson for that stuff because every time I have an issue with some sort of glass stain,  I use it and  it works every time(-:
Although with the plates I thought I would try bleaching them first. That didn't work. I guess everyone is always looking for an easy fix and I am no better. It takes a few mins of scrubbing. It took me about 10 minutes per plate, but it is well worth it. I bought mine at Ace Hardware incase you are looking for some for yourself. You're welcome! (-:


Then of course I found a cute wheelbarrow serving bowl and searched all over the net to find something cheaper and instead found one more expensive I liked better. Why is that? I always pick out the most expensive things that I fall in love with. And why do I need a wheelbarrow serving bowl? I was thinking it would be cute with a plant in it on the table.  Not cute enough to pay full price for though. (-: Although who knows maybe Cupid or the Easter Bunny will drop one off????(-:



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CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Cindee girl !
I love seeing problem solvers .. although i don't think we get that product here.
I am looking for a solution to shiny scuff marks on a vinyl plank floor (the look alike for Brazilian cherry) .. it is driving me nuts ..
Love that cute wheelbarrow too ! now how fun is that ?
Hope all is well with the little cutie grandbaby too!
Joy : )