Sunday, February 23, 2014

Missing My Dad

Thinking of the garden he always grew.
Should be an interesting gardening year this year since we are still having rain issues. We got about 5 inches from our last storm, but this past week was dry.

I have been cleaning out cupboards and organizing the kitchen. I ordered some new dishes and I can't wait till they arrive tomorrow. I never ordered the wheelbarrow but decided that new dishes were in order. The yellow ones will work well with the green ones I ordered. Same kind just a pretty shamrock green.  The yellow Fiestaware had the utensil issue if you recall and although I got them all clean and pretty I have noticed that utensil marks are still showing up at times after use. Which requires a scrubbing to get that off and I decided I am not going to use them everyday anymore. Which will eliminate the need to scrub the utensil marks off. (-: They will be nice as serving dishes or sandwiches etc. but not for meals that require a lot of cutting. So that will save me the headache of worrying about them.(-:

Everything else is going well. The Princess is growing and changing so much. What a joy it is to be a Grandmother(-:

I will be babysitting her when her Mommy goes back to work. Can't wait(-:

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