Monday, February 25, 2013

Meet Mistletoe

This lovely cat showed up last Fall and hung around the outskirts of our property for several weeks.
As time went by she came closer and I started leaving food for her on the back sidewalk.
I tried to get her to come to me and after a lot of food and coaxing she finally let me get close enough to pet her. Then after that she decided it was time to come closer and get MORE free food. Now she will let me pick her up and pet her but she still remains an outside cat.

Mistletoe prefers to live in the garage. She really likes Nine Lives canned food best but she will eat dry food at times too.

Around Christmas I decided we should name her. That is how she got the name Mistletoe. Mistletoe also has 6 toes on each foot.
Since she has picked us to live with, I guess all we can do is accept it(-:

You may remember our other cat passed away late last summer. I was not planning on getting another cat.

I guess that plan has changed.

Jack has another idea about what we should do with Mistletoe, but we won't go into it in this post.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A New Store

Isn't that the truth!!!

Yesterday I was wasting a few minutes while I waited for an appointment and decided to check out a new antique/collectibles store. I thought the prices would be out of reach but turns out it was a store that was actually a mini mall inside where there were many vendors.
I gave a quick look as time was short but I plan to go back next week if I can.
I found a lot of great stuff which was reasonably priced for me. (-:
Free is always best but sometimes paying for something is o.k. too(-:
It was funny how many rusty things there were there. I found a very cute little rusty metal book shelf. I might have to get that one. It would be perfect for a plant shelf.

What caught my eye as I was driving by was a 50's era pinkish book shelf they had on display outside. When I got close enough to see it it was missing the shelves. It had one on the bottom, but what would I use a book shelf for without shelves on it? The price was 40 dollars for it too which I felt was high for what it was. I am sure someone will come up with a use for it. It was cute. It would be cute in a little girls room to hold shoes/coats etc.

Anyhow so far the weekend went well without any incidents. I was able to get my carpet shampooed and laundry/ironing completed. Does anyone iron anymore? I do. I guess it was how I was raised. I always ironed everything for my Mom. I don't think many young people iron anymore though. I still like the look of freshly pressed clothes.

Well I am off to do something useful. I hope you all enjoy your day.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

It Grew A Foot

I have always wanted a foot like this for my garden. Hopefully someday I will get one. I think this little picture says it all.
Things are rapidly growing here and It is starting to look like Spring! It has been very cold though. So no Springy temperatures yet.

Driving home from work it is still light outside though. I really like that part.

Don't forget it is a full moon this Monday. I will hopefully be able to get a good picture. Keeping fingers crossed it is not cloudy.

Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Saturday, February 16, 2013

On most days this is how I feel. Peaking out to see if it's safe to proceed forward. On most days I am afraid when the phone rings. If it rings during the night I awake with a fear nothing can ease. It unnerves me to the end and I can not go back to sleep. When I am at work and my cell rings, my heart stops beating. Are all these things a normal process of death and dying? I suppose that some people don't really care about this part of life and chalk it up to life in general. Everyone of us is going to die at some point. How and where is unknown.

The other night I was listening to the radio on the way home from work and the host on the radio was talking about how he left that morning and kissed his wife goodbye. He never thought he would not see her again. But it was just that thought that crossed his mind. What if? What if you left your home this morning on your way to do whatever, and you never saw your loved ones again? What would you do differently this morning? Would you spend more time making breakfast for them? Kiss, hug and tell them you loved them like it was the last time you would ever see them?

The point is it's not about what you would miss, its about how they would miss you. You would be gone forever. They would have to stand by and carry on. Would you want the last memory of you to be arguing with your kids at the school drop off? Nagging at your husband/wife about a chore that was not done properly? Complaining about your lack of money to buy a very unneeded object? I think we are all guilty of all those things. It is impossible to live every day like it is your last on earth. But I think we can do better. Life is precious. Don't wait until you are dying to express how you feel. And don't take life for granted thinking you have one more day to do all those things and make things right. You may never get the chance. Make things right now. Going to your grave without sharing your true feelings will leave your loved ones always wondering.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Thoughts

It has been cold here and it did rain last night. No snow, although I thought for sure it would. This picture is from our snow before Christmas. Not much but it did make things white.
Not much gardening happening here. I am going to hopefully get another load of compost tomorrow to put out. The last load was rained on last night so that made it all nice and settled in. The roses are going to be so happy this Spring. I hope to see some big beautiful flowers.

last night was a good night for me. I slept fairly well and even though I woke up several times I did not wake up crying. That was a first in a very long time. It is so difficult to watch someone go through cancer unable to do anything to make it go away. It is a long slow process and it just continues to get worse. So that is why I am not doing much gardening or blogging lately. I know you will all understand. It was only six months ago when my friend passed away suddenly. Then just a couple months after that I found out my Dads cancer had taken a turn for the worse. So it has been a terrible time. It has been very hard for me to deal with all this. Soooo I will try to post when I can. Until then I hope you are all hanging in there through these last few months of Winter.