Sunday, October 27, 2013

Having More Fun Then A Barrel of Monkeys

Kids moved out and I am enjoying my space and freedom! I have almost redone my daughters bedroom for the third time. Lets hope this is the last time! They are all moved to their forever home and having fun unpacking all their treasures. It is so fun to also get all mine unpacked again and the room in order! Although I will miss seeing them everyday, I am happy they were able to buy a home and make it their own. Yay for the little things in life that make us smile(-: They have a lot of plans for the house since it is a 1950's era so it will be fun seeing the changes they make! They have already painted the whole inside and added new outlets. Changing all the doors since they were not up to standard/safety. So Baby Klara will have a nice safe place to start out her new life whenever she arrives. Hopefully that is not for a couple more months.(-: This Grandmother is excited!
Daughters house picture from Google Maps

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CanadianGardenJoy said...

Well girl .. I should have checked here before leaving a comment on your last post .. I am well and truly in DUH ? mode !
So glad the move is over with and that you are having fun doing your own thing now with your home .. this is a very cute house, I already like the simple stream line landscaping out front ! They are going to be very happy there I am sure : )