Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I'm Watching You

And he was. I was walking the dogs this morning and all of a sudden there was a loud deep Who Whooooooo I looked and there he was sitting in an oak tree next to where I was walking. He was saying Good Morning to us! It made my day so I had to share. So many days are not so good for me lately that having this little surprise really made it special. I hope you are all enjoying your last days of Summer!!!


Barbee' said...

How neat!!

ferne said...

Keep looking for those special little things to remind you of the good parts of life. Keep your head up!

ferne said...

Watching those fires from the nursery the past few days seemed so devastating and reminded me to treasure all that I have everyday because in the blink of an eye it all can change...I suppose if you look it the other way things can change for the better too. I had a customer come into the nursery yesterday and wanted to know if there was anything he could spray on his burnt fruit trees to help them revive after the fire...when I asked him if his home was okay he said "No it is gone", but all he was worried about at that moment was his orchard. Funny, but it made me see that we each have different things that are important to us and I hope he will be able to revive his orchard in some way right now he doesn't even have water, but he is looking ahead with a positive attitude. Good to see!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Cindee girl : )
I am so happy this gorgeous owl greeted you and you got such pleasure from it .. I know I would too !
I would probably stand there talking to him for ages .. they would cart me away to the funny farm I'm sure!
Just take it a day at a time girl .. that is all we can do.
It will get better .. I promise
Joy : )