Sunday, July 7, 2013

Old Seeder Planted

These days not having my Dad around is really a difficult thing for me and I would be happy if he was here saying I can't do this or that believe me.
What is good about not having him around to tell me what I can't do? Well this would be one thing. He would be saying...Oh that old piece of junk why would you want that? I would say well it would make a nice planter. He would just shake his head. Since he isn't here to say I can't do it, then of course that is the first thing I had to do. I had my brother drag the old seeder up to my house and then I had my son get me a load of loam with the backhoe. He is having a fun time playing with all the equipment. He does really well with it actually. He must get that from his Grandpa.
Anyhow...after I got the thing filled with loam I dug holes and filled them with potting soil and then  I planted it with mums. I got them at the 99 cent store. So hopefully they will be o.k. and grow and fill in. They looked really healthy and were not root bound at all. I think it turned out pretty nice.
I am sure my Dad is looking down on me and still shaking his head, but smiling at the way it all came together. Thanks Dad! I miss you!


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Cindee girl ... I am with your dad: )
I am shaking my head saying how in the world did you think of that let alone actually DO IT ?? LOL
It will look amazing I am sure once those mums fill in and you have a beautiful Autumn planter of a very unusual sort ? haha
PS .. where did you get it from ?

CiNdEe said...

The seeder was used years ago when my Dad use to grow hay on the property. Since then it has sat around on the property abandoned. Poor thing, I thought it should be used as a planter since we moved out here, and that was 22 years ago!(-: So now it is!!!! Yippee...I have all kinds of "Fall" thoughts in mind....Halloween....scary stuff...(-:

My Little Family: said...

It's funny how they still talk to us even when they are gone. I tend to skip periodic medical screenings and I can feel the "nag" of my dad until I schedule. Vickie

Rick Beitler said...

Well Cindee-
If it doesn't work out as a planter, but with your green thumb I am sure it will, you can sell it as scrap metal. Around here it would bring close to $300 as scrap!

Brighid said...

Your planter is going to look great. I love this kind of stuff. The guys are forever finding me out in the old bone yard (where all the broken bits & pieces go). I have got to learn to weld...