Friday, July 26, 2013

End Of July

Well not much happening here except blazing hot Summer temperatures. Normal for this time of year but unwanted. So basically keeping things watered is about all I can do. However on a recent trip to a local nursery I found this awesome cup/saucer full of succulents for an even more awesome price, so I grabbed it and ran for the door.(-: I added the mushrooms that I had already. I think it all goes together quite nicely.

This is a whirly thing that sits on your roof for ventilation purposes. For me though it adds a nice planter to my garden. I filled it with moss and then planted a petunia in it for this year. Pretty cool and of course a big thanks to my brother for dumpster diving for me(-:


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Cindee girl yo are finding GREAT garden goodies for great prices and freebies too? LOL
I have the owl on my last post that I named as "your owl" .. he reminded me of you are your owl adventures : )
Love the little mushrooms you added.
I need to get out and water my garden too ... BIG sigh !
Joy : )

Brighid said...

Cute cup! I'm struggling with my potted plants this summer, not sure why. The ones in the ground are doing well. Getting the itch to plant another redwood here, and a couple more at mom & dad's. Will try to hold off til fall. Recalled the other day that I have planted at least one tree at every house we've lived in...32 houses!


Would you believe I've got not one but two of those twirly metal things on my roof? And I've got a ranch-style 1960s house. They're always rotating in the breeze and sometimes they start squeaking. I'd love to replace them with something more modern and use them for planters like you have. Very cool.

Very hot here too. Finally a cool-down today, thank God. My water bill is going to be through the roof (and past the twirly things).