Friday, April 12, 2013

New Blooms

My bed is filling in really nice and this clematis is in full bloom this morning. I am going to prune the ivy this weekend hopefully and then maybe I will share a picture(-:

The carolina allspice is blooming.

I am loving the Supertunias. This is Pink Bubblegum. This is the second year for it in these two planters.

My table is filing in well too. I need to work on the chairs again. The squirrels decided that they were a great place to hide their acorns last Fall and they dug up a lot of my sempervivums.

And of course I have to post about my owl. I have not seen any signs of hatchlings yet but I think they must be under there somewhere.(-:


CanadianGardenJoy said...

Cindee girl !
I am working on an e-mail for you .. today has been a bit of a crappy day so I am later than usual ? haha
You have such lovely plants and garden art girl .. it always amazes me how talented you are. You could really own a little garden art shop and be a whiz at it!
I so understand about the daughter just plunking herself down again in your home .. my heart goes out to you.
Funny how all we want is just simple peace and quiet , a tidy clean house .. a routine we love that other people would find boring but it means the world to us ? LOL
Hold on girl .. it has to happen some day !
We have our fingers crossed to see some results next week.
My gosh this turned into an e-mail? haha .. sorry .. but I wanted to chat with you and here I am ?LOL
Take care

nelsontheadventurer said...

The Pink Bubblegum looks to be very lovely.. WOW!!