Saturday, March 23, 2013

Owl Nest

The Great Horned Owls have picked their tree in the backyard. I am thrilled to be able to watch the whole process again. It will be a real treat. I would be real surprised if it was not the young owlets that hatched in a nearby tree a couple years ago. They do not seem to mind all the noise of nesting in our yard. They watch us and go about their nesting without much worry. They have been hanging out here most of their lives so it is no surprise they have decided to hatch their owlets here too. It looks like the first of April is the hatch date. I hope to be able to get some great pictures if all goes well. Stay tuned for more about them.

On an Easter-y note I am finally getting time to make my duck egg garland. I decided to paint the eggs because dying them did not turn out the way I wanted. So I got some acrylic paint and painted them all. I poked a wood skewer in them and poked them into a pot to dry. They looked nice as a bouquet too but I finally decided a garland is what I really wanted so I got busy planning. After much thought I decided to make a ribbon garland like I have made before. The eggs were placed in between strips of pretty ribbons and colored felt that I tied onto a springy green jute. It is all working out the way I visioned it would be. I will post pictures hopefully when I finish.


Brighid said...

I've not seen ours building their nests yet. They have been around all winter so I'm hopeful.

My Little Family: said...

What does Jack think of the owls? I can't wait to see your garland.


A friend of mine who lives nearby saw an owl the other day. I never see them but can hear them at night sometimes. I'd be thrilled to have them nest in my yard. You lucky girl you. I hope you'll get lots of photos.