Sunday, February 24, 2013

A New Store

Isn't that the truth!!!

Yesterday I was wasting a few minutes while I waited for an appointment and decided to check out a new antique/collectibles store. I thought the prices would be out of reach but turns out it was a store that was actually a mini mall inside where there were many vendors.
I gave a quick look as time was short but I plan to go back next week if I can.
I found a lot of great stuff which was reasonably priced for me. (-:
Free is always best but sometimes paying for something is o.k. too(-:
It was funny how many rusty things there were there. I found a very cute little rusty metal book shelf. I might have to get that one. It would be perfect for a plant shelf.

What caught my eye as I was driving by was a 50's era pinkish book shelf they had on display outside. When I got close enough to see it it was missing the shelves. It had one on the bottom, but what would I use a book shelf for without shelves on it? The price was 40 dollars for it too which I felt was high for what it was. I am sure someone will come up with a use for it. It was cute. It would be cute in a little girls room to hold shoes/coats etc.

Anyhow so far the weekend went well without any incidents. I was able to get my carpet shampooed and laundry/ironing completed. Does anyone iron anymore? I do. I guess it was how I was raised. I always ironed everything for my Mom. I don't think many young people iron anymore though. I still like the look of freshly pressed clothes.

Well I am off to do something useful. I hope you all enjoy your day.

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