Monday, September 17, 2012

Recent Rescue

A Redtail Hawk spent the night Friday night. We then took him to the local wildlife rescue shelter. He could not fly. Not sure what was wrong. I did not see any sign of injury but apparently they have soft tissue in their wings that can get injured easily. I am not a fan of these birds since they do catch my chickens/ducks but I guess everything deserves a chance(-: It did however grab me twice with it's talons. It did not pierce the skin which was very lucky for me. Just squeezed very hard around my arm and stomach. It felt like the skin was pierced. I was able to pry its talons apart.(-:
Anyhow, I gave him water and fed him some tasty venison which he seemed to enjoy. I think part of his problem was he was dehydrated and hungry. The lady that rescues these birds said she would keep him in a quiet place, hydrate him and feed him until he could fly again. Yay...probably be back later to eat one of my chickens. Ugh! (-:

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mystery Flower

Not sure what this is. It came up by itself. I like the leaves so far but I am sure it is a weed. Can't wait to see what the flower looks like when it opens.(-:

Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Bright Spot On A Smoky Day

That is where I headed yesterday to escape the smoke that blankets the area where I live. We headed up the hill to my favorite plant sale (Simply Plants) where I purchased some new Echinaceas and a Coreopsis for my garden.(-:
It was nice to see Yvette and Michelle again too(-: I can't wait to go back for the next plant sale(-:

This morning while walking the dogs I saw this interesting log. I thought it looked like a face.(-: It was a crispy 54 degrees today. I think Fall is coming soon.(-: