Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall Has Arrived

It has been cool here in the mornings and evenings. The days are getting shorter. I am happy to see the cooler temperatures but rain would be nice.
A week ago I woke up to knee pain. Unknown how that happened but it was terrible working all week. Today it seems a little bit better so I am hoping it is on the mend. It is hard getting older with all the things that seem to go wrong all the time. To top that off I had a Dentist appointment too. That went well though, I just hate going. So I am looking forward to a new week. I hope you are doing well.

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CanadianGardenJoy said...

Cindee girl you always make me smile!
It never ceases to amaze me when you plant in so many cute "containers"!
Ah .. yes .. the literal pain of getting older , it sucks big time.
I still have pain from planting my bulbs but I am so glad I got them in and have something to look forward to with Spring.
Hey .. leave those darn leaves till Spring girl .. they aren't going any where !! LOL
Take care girl !
Joy : )