Monday, September 17, 2012

Recent Rescue

A Redtail Hawk spent the night Friday night. We then took him to the local wildlife rescue shelter. He could not fly. Not sure what was wrong. I did not see any sign of injury but apparently they have soft tissue in their wings that can get injured easily. I am not a fan of these birds since they do catch my chickens/ducks but I guess everything deserves a chance(-: It did however grab me twice with it's talons. It did not pierce the skin which was very lucky for me. Just squeezed very hard around my arm and stomach. It felt like the skin was pierced. I was able to pry its talons apart.(-:
Anyhow, I gave him water and fed him some tasty venison which he seemed to enjoy. I think part of his problem was he was dehydrated and hungry. The lady that rescues these birds said she would keep him in a quiet place, hydrate him and feed him until he could fly again. Yay...probably be back later to eat one of my chickens. Ugh! (-:


pink*cherub*moon said...

Sonice of you to help the hawk! Let's hope he bypasses your chickens once he's released! Hugs, Leena


You're so funny Cindee. I was laughing at that last comment. I think you're making good karma though. He knows he owes you big time.

I think hawks are awesome birds but I don't have chickens either. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Maybe now that he's had a taste of venison he'll prefer that over chicken.

creekside rummager said...

I agree that what you did is good karma. Kind of scary about his/her talons grabbing you.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Cindee girl I am amazed you do this ! I would be calling some one to pick it up .. I am "chicken" oops! sorry!
I hope it leaves your little ones alone!!
Thanks very much for the birthday wishes girl .. I never remember anyone else's and barely my own? LOL
The sumac ran its course and was beginning to be a real problem .. not just the babies .. which I will still be ripping out a few more years probably .. I have a gorgeous Golden Spirit smoke bush to plant next Spring there .. but for the winter we were told to salt the stump to kill the tap root and cut off the many babies popping up in the garden .. so I still have a mission with it!
BIG sigh!
Joy : )
I just read Gracie's comment and how true is that about the Karma!!