Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Oh Deer

Well first it was the grasshoppers...then the snails...then the heat...and now we have deer.

I understand they are hungry and there is nothing else for them to eat around here, but come on,... my hibiscus? They were looking so pretty too.

In other news...there are fires burning all around us and it is very smoky here. Not a good time to go outside.
Well enjoy the rest of your week!


Darla said...

Oh no! Get some garlic spray. You have fires we have infected mosquitoes, west nile has made it to North Florida, sigh. Just read of your dog's rattlesnake bite, yikes!


What a bummer. Often it seems like gardening is a huge lesson in futility. So frustrating.

ferne said...

I think the fires are chasing them down the hill and they are hungry!