Monday, July 30, 2012

Water Lilies

These water lilies looked so pretty this morning. A bullfrog was sitting on a lily pad but he jumped into the water as soon as I got the camera. Maybe next time. I guess he is camera shy. Late posting as usual. A lot on my mind I guess. Oh well, I hope you all have a great day tomorrow!(-:

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Goodbye Kitty

Well the weekend didn't end on a good note. I had to say goodbye to my cat who I have had since he was a kitten. He was 18. It was very sad for me to lose him. I hope the coming week brings some happiness. I hope you all have a good one too!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What Kind Of Bee Is This?

This flying insect was flying around the Datura this morning. I had to grab a picture of this huge thing. Anyone know what type of bee it is? It reminded me of a horse fly.(-:

Monday, July 23, 2012

A New Week

Had to take the picture through the screen door. The bird looks like a fly catcher but not sure.
Glad to see a new week get here. Was ready to end the past week.

Death has never been an easy thing for me. I just can't come to terms with the whole thing of someone being gone forever. I know they are in a better place yada yada. What makes it hard is playing the what ifs through my mind. I know time heals all and I know it will be easier as the days fly by. The whole process just sucks.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Ugh What a Week!

It started off good. I went to another plant sale at Simply Plants on Saturday and got some nice things. A beautiful lilium Penthouse, elfin thyme, sedum, and a dwarf Echinacea. Haven't even planted them yet because of what happened on Monday.

I also made two cement leaf castings. I still havent removed all the old leaf or I would take a picture of those. They turned out pretty cool. I also worked on my kids garden. Decided to keep the theme only rearrange it a bit. I made some cement bricks one set with the saying, Bloom Where You Are Planted, and one set with the kids names on them. Even though said kids (son in law included) are 24, 25 and 28 now, they will always be my kids.(-: Maybe someday I will be able to add my Grandkids names to the garden too! Those little brick making kits you buy are quite fun to do but they only give you one set of alphabet letters. Really you need at least two. But I made one a day and got it all finished up this morning.

Soooooo...on with the worst part of the week.
On Monday I got up early and planned to spend most of the day outside working. I got the hedge pruned and Jack wandered around with me most of the time. He went missing for a bit and I called him and he did not come. Which is normal sometimes for him if he is digging. I was done pruning anyhow so I put up the hedge pruner and went to see what he was up to. Well after looking for 15 or so minuets and no sign of him I thought I would go see if somehow he went inside. Well there on the front porch is where I found him.

I was beside myself as you can imagine. At first it was just the side of his nose so I thought...oh you were stung by a meat bee. He hates meat bees and will chase them and bite them. I took him inside and he went right to the bed and laid down. I sat with him for a while and as I watched his nose got bigger! After about 30 mins I decided it had to be a rattlesnake bite. BY this time though it was to late to take him to the vet for an anti venom shot. Which later I found out that he could have had an epi pen shot. SO if that ever happens again I could always do that.

I applied ice cold wet towels to his nose for the next several hours. My dad had just went through this with his dog just a couple weeks ago. So I knew what he did for his dog. I gave Jack a benedryl and lots of back rubs and tummy rubs and just waited it out. After about 8 hours he seemed to feel a little better and wanted to go outside. That's when I took the pictures. It swelled up a lot more after that but I did not get to take anymore pictures. Jack went potty and came back inside and back to bed.
More ice cold on the nose and we just laid around waiting for him to feel better. Mainly he just slept. I gave him some icecream and canned dog food inbetween times to make him happy. He loved all the attention. Today he is back to his old self. A small bit of swelling on his neck but not noticeable. I never did find the snake. So it is somewhere in the yard waiting for me I suppose.

Hopefully next week goes better. I don't think I would go through another ordeal like that! Enjoy your weekend! ~Cindee

Thanks for the kind words(-: Jack is doing great and back to his old self.(-: This week has been better, although I found out that someone I knew passed away last week so that added to that terrible week. I am looking forward to next week and things getting more positive around here!(-: Happy Weekend Everyone!!!(-:

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy July

I have a nest of flycatcher birds in the bird house. They are so cute!

I thought the rabbits looked very pretty with the phlox blooming.

My orange double daylillies. I just can't seem to ever get over how beautiful they are. I got the original ones from my Great Aunt Pauline. Who today would have been 106. Happy Birthday Aunt Pauline!