Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Garden Pillow

My daughter Jenna re-painted this "pillow" purple and white for me. A big Thank You to you Jenna!!!! I made the little white flower with cut out pieces of mosaic tile. I used GEII glue to glue it to the pillow.
I bought this "rock" several years ago and it was a stone grey color. I never really liked it as a rock so now it is repurposed for a "bed pillow" for my garden bed.
I am taking apart the childrens garden where this rock was, and moving things around the yard. I like having the "children" placed around the yard instead of all in one place. I guess I need to take a picture of the "kids" sometime so you can see what I did with them. One of them is now holding an old antique childs watering can. The other two from the "jumprope group" are on the bed with the new pillow. One is "jumping" and one is sitting holding a lampshade flower. It is all fun and games here in my garden. You never know what might be happening at any given time.(-:

Pink Hydrangea blooming

Bucket of Echeveria

Cowgirl Boots with Semps


Darla said...

Yes, we (I) need a visual. Love your whimsy containers and garden pillow.


I always love visiting your garden, Cindee. You've got so many cute things.