Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11th in the Garden

Here is what is happening today.

A hungry Wood Pecker at the hummingbird feeder.

Old Purse with succulents

My new oak leaf hydrangea

I painted my mushrooms.

I also painted the legs. I used a roofing rubber spray paint to give the legs the look of wearing a wetsuit. Blue toenails completed the look I was trying to achieve this year.

I painted my buoys. I like them much better.


Mirror Window


Old Creamer with succulents


ferne said...

OMG! You have to be the funnest gardener around! and so creative too. I love the mushrooms but the legs take the cake...keep doing what you do and keep posting it!

CiNdEe said...

Thanks Fern(-: I do love my quirky garden


I laughed over that skinny diver. What a fun, whimsical thing. Your succulent containers always rock. I love that purse too. Quirky--and oh so fun!

Jamie said...

I love the oak leaf hydrangea! Very nice. What is the daylily in the 4th and 5th picture? Very pretty! I have to say, those legs are the funniest thing I've in seen a garden ever. Very, very awesome.