Thursday, April 19, 2012

Springing Along

Took some new pictures. BTW hate blogger...)-: Oh well what to do? I am addicted to the lampshade flowers. Hope you all like them too.(-:

Back yard before the daylillies bloom
Hippo Pond
Woodland Hyacinths
Lampshade Flowers Peonies are growing through them.
Waterbed Pond Clematis are almost ready to pop open...stay tuned...(-:


Darla said...

Believe me Blogger is much better than Wordpress. You have a ton of day lilies...I love the watering can display.

Brighid said...

Look'n good!

pink*cherub*moon said...

The garden is looking great! Yes, please post updated pics as things change. I love gardening! Hugs, Leena

CanadianGardenJoy said...

I love all of these scenarios girl .. I just can't get over how you can turn simple things into such wonderful garden accents : )
Hey I had to make myself get used to the new Blogger set up .. it isn't so bad .. after a while ? haha