Monday, April 30, 2012

More Cow Pie Fun

Happy Monday Everyone...I thought I would share a new cow pie face today. To kick off the work week. As we all know work is the..._______. (fill in the blank)
To me this cow pie face looks sleepy but happy. What do you think? As I walk the dogs now, I am checking all the cow pies for faces. I might just have a whole collection of cow pie pictures someday.(-: I never noticed that some had faces before. Believe me I would stop and smell the roses if there were any where I walk...but since there are none I am stuck with cow pies.(-: Have a great week!

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Well, just don't smell the cowpies and I think we're good. I look forward to seeing your complete collection someday. This one kind of reminds me of lava, fresh from the volcano.