Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I have been sick for over a week with the flu/bronchitis. I hope I start feeling better soon.)-: I hate being sick! SO much to do and not feeling good is not a good thing at all.
Before I got sick however I put down a yard of pea gravel and a yard of compost. So I was happy about that. I have my bed garden pretty well done except for a few more odds and ends of plants. I bought three pretty red azaleas and I am excited to see them bloom. Should be pretty against the blue house. I also put an old grain feeder in that grouping. I planted some mondo grass in it because I wanted something that was spikey and would be green all year. I have a overabundance of the stuff so why not? I know what some people might say. Living where I do it makes sense to use what will work instead of trying to put things in that won't. Mondo grass loves me. Hard to believe that 20+ years ago I got a little clump from my Great Aunt who passed away last November at age 105. She would be laughing to see how well it did here!

Well time to get moving. Have a great day!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Bright Idea

I found some old light bulbs, (they are large, about 12 inches tall.) and decided to try to make something out of them. I have seen them used as vases etc. I wanted to do something for Valentines Day.

I had a hard time trying to get the top off. It is ceramic. I finally decided I would need to drill it. So I got the ceramic drill bit on the drill and drilled away. Drill Baby, Drill...you know the saying...(-:

I bought the vintage valentine on eBay. I also got the rubber stamps on eBay and stamped my own tags. Amazing what you can find on that place. I typed in light bulb and *poof* there was a light bulb valentine just for me...(-: Of course waiting till it got here was hard because I couldn't do anything until I had that valentine in my hand. Then I got creative.(-:

I couldn't figure out how to stand the valentine up inside until my husband suggested sticking the pick of hearts in and glueing it to that. I decided glueing it to that would be to hard and came up with the shredded paper idea instead...but I did like his idea of the pick standing outside the light bulb. So...here is the finished project. Happy early Valentines Day!(-:

The tag says "You Light Up My Life" The other one is a picture of a light bulb incase you can't see it.(-: Of course you can click on the pictures to make them bigger if you want too(-: