Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Rock Face

Do you see the happy face in the rock? It is a very special rock indeed. I found this one last weekend at the creek while searching for rocks for my rock path. Of course I had to grab it(-: We finished a big exercise pen for the dogs and a lovely rock pathway to it. It was a huge project but I am very happy with how it turned out.
Usually I let Jack run around in the yard when I am outside, but when my granddog visits he is not a stay by your side type of dog. He likes to RUN and run fast. Our yard is not fenced. So the reason for the exercise pen is really for him. We now call it the "Dog Park."
Gus knows what a dog park is because his Mom takes him to the one in town quite often. So he is going to love his very own dog park at Grandmothers house(-:

Here is a picture of the new Dog Park Walk(-:

I plan to add some annuals around the walkway next Spring. For now its basically going to stay the way it is until I decide what else to add to it. I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday! I know I will!(-:

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Morning Sun

Enjoy your Saturday! I will be working outside as long as I can. Suppose to be 105 degrees today! Fall... hurry up and get here!!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

End of Summer Craziness(-:

Squirrel taking a look around the tree to see if the turkeys left yet(-:

Weird time to have a new bunch of baby turkeys but they did and they have brought them over for a visit and of course to eat the seed I put out(-:

A new project. I made these out of the wire basket thing that goes into the canning pot. I used wire to wire them to rebar and I cut off the handles and bent them onto the rebar for leaves. I posted the before and after picture below.

The handle

The wire "basket" thing that the jars sit on when inside the canning pot.

The finished flowers were hard to get a good picture of. The sun was shining but they are wire so it didn't show up well in any of the pictures I took. I guess you will have to use your imagination(-: They do look cute around my tree though(-:

My Dad helped weld this huge heavy D8 CAT fan onto a poll so I could put it in my garden. I am sure he thinks I have lost my mind but I think it looks awesome(-: Thanks to my husband and my Dad for all that hard labor. Getting it set into the hole and cementing it in was a breeze compared to that. It was a hot day and I think we all got a little dehydrated from that experience(-: