Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Yup you guessed it...more owlet pictures!

Yesterday evening after I got off work, I ventured out to where my owlets are living. They have new digs across the road.
Not many years ago the property was owned by my dad, but he sold it. Now it belongs to a yet to be built, industrial park.)-: Eventually, there will be more traffic and more humans in the area. I guess it's good for the owls to get use to all that, so they can adapt.(-:

The two owlets which I think are female seemed to be much more concerned about my recent visit. They flew off after I approached them. Although, it could be because they were on the ground.
The third one which I believe is a male, was not in sight so I had to do a little looking around for him. He was there in a nearby tree watching me.(-:

Why do I feel the other two are female? Well in the past, with the other nesting owls, the female always seemed more flighty. The male would sit on a branch and look at me. The females are also bigger then the males. It's just my opinion and I could be wrong but, I am going to think that for now(-:

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Flowers and Stuff

I thought you might like to see more then just owlets! (-: SO here is whats happening in my gardening today...

The fish tub.

Flowers my brother made me for Mothers Day(-:

Scentimental Rose

Pretty Red Roses and behind that is the Mock Orange. It has been blooming for several weeks this year!

Peonies! They look so beautiful!

My treasured fan blade flower(-:

Dainty Bess rose.

Betty Boop rose.

The ivy bed/pillows I planted is growing well! There is always more going on here but I picked out what I thought was the best for today(-:

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Owlet Visit

The owlets have flown across the road but I can still walk over and see them and they seem to accept it o.k. I went over this morning before the sun came up to visit with them for a bit and take some new pictures for you.(-: I miss having them in my yard but at least they are still close(-: They are growing up so fast! They are so fun to watch(-:

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Double Yolk Egg

Today I gathered the eggs and was happy to find a double yolk egg! It came in handy to use in my pizza pocket bread dough(-: Thanks Girls!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

More Fun With Owlets

Another reason to wake up each morning...(-:
I am loving these three. I don't want them to ever leave(-:

I know they will eventually go though.

They are so fun to see sitting way up in the old pine tree(-:

It is a real treat!

Speaking of treats...Here's one you will enjoy...(-:

Owl pellets...it's what's for breakfast...lol(-: I added the chicken egg for comparison.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Owlet Rescue

Well the owlet that was separated in another tree decided to try to make a flight over to be with his siblings. He didn't make it and landed in the grass. I decided to help him out.

Cutest little critter I have ever seen(-:

It was so amazing to be able to hold him(-:

What a sweet little bird(-: Their feathers are so soft and thick(-: Very strong feet!

Happy to be getting a lift up to a branch(-:

Goodnight Owlet...see you in the morning!(-:

Yay, he made it up the tree. He is the one on the left. Now they are all together...for now(-: The mom was in the three to the left when I got there. I bet she is having a great mothers day...those little owlets eat a lot of mice a day! On one site it says 13-17 per owlet between the age of 3-4 weeks! An adult owl eats about 4 mice per day. Hungry little critters! Nice that they are here and cleaning up the mice population(-:

Friday, May 6, 2011

Fertilizer Friday

I think this is the first one for me this year!
Actually a lot is blooming here this week. The crab apple is about done though. It was beautiful and it smelled heavenly(-: I didn't take a picture of it though. You will have to use your imagination(-:
We are getting the veggie garden planted this weekend!
Lets take a stroll around the yard shall we?

Clematis blooming on the waterbed pond headboard.

Clematis on the footboard

Another look at the waterbed pond.

George Burns Rose

I can't start the new season without changing the fish pond.

Pretty Yellow Rose

Poker Plants

Pink Poodle Rose

I bought some new geraniums and I also over wintered the other ones from last year in my garage! They survived! No blooms on them yet though. They were pretty happy to see the sun! I am sure they will be blooming soon though. Maybe next week! Which reminds me I do need to fertilize them(-: Thanks for reminding me Tootsie(-:
Have a wonderful weekend!