Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mossy Walk

A nice day for a walk today. Lots of moss, lichen and fungus.(-:

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

As We Wind Down This Month

We are closer to gardening, lake trips, sun and fun! I myself am looking forward to some fun, I am sure you are too(-:

How are those New Years Resolutions working for you?

Well I am still on track! I have lost 10 pounds and still need to drop another 10 but I am working on it! Walking and doing the Stair Stepper daily. I won't talk about dieting because that is a sore subject(-: I was told I need to cut out sugary treats and watch my carb intake as well. I was eating way to much and of course that doesn't go over to well with someone who is a sugaraholic(-: My sugar level was inching closer to a pre diabetic condition so I had no choice. So now I am eating more carefully(-: Hopefully the next visit to the vampires will show me back in a normal range(-: Actually, I do feel better. Not as tired! The sugar was a problem. I sure do miss it though!

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Whooooo's There?

Tonight's picture was taken from about 4 feet away. Seems Mr. Owl is not affraid of us anymore(-: I don't think he ever was. Not sure if it's a he or she but going to call him Al cuz it seems to fit(-:

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

My Screech Owl Neighbor

Isn't this just about the cutest little owl you have ever seen?(-:
I waited outside till it got dark for him to pop out and get his picture. Sure enough as soon as it was dark enough he poked his head out. I took about 6 pictures and this one turned out the best(-: I am thrilled that he/she is living there so close to my house. Its a total thrill! I hope there is a mate close by and they have a family! Anyhow had to share this new picture with you!

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sunwheelflower~Fertilizer Friday

I am adding to my post...(-: And believe me this is about all that is blooming here. LOL Its been cold and raining for quite a while. I did hear today was suppose to be clear and sunny. It's still dark out so I can't tell. I sure hope it is!!!
Happy Fertilizer Friday!!!
Be sure to clicky here to see all the other wonderful posts at Tootsies(-:

And... yes it is my BiRtHdAy!!! I hit the BIG 50! I can't believe it! Yikessssssss(-:

Geez, the yard looks terrible this time of the year. Everything is dead but at least I have my garden junk to keep me happy.(-:
I just finished this "sunwheelflower." You can see it's made out of an old bike wheel/tire that I mounted on an old piece of rusty pole.
I then drilled holes in it and added the leaves, which I cut out of old rusty tin roofing material. I used barbed wire untwisted for the stems.
I drilled holes in the leaves and threaded the wire through to hold them on to the "stem".
No glue or welding required!(-: Super easy and fun project(-:

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Bald Eagle Dies In Fight For His Life

This was an amazing day to get to witness nature up close and personal.

I actually live in the city but it borders the country. It use to be more country but of course the city has moved closer to us.
Yesterday I was raking leaves and heard screeching and looked up in the sky over my house and there were two bald eagles flying over. I thought about the chickens briefly and ran to get the camera. By the time I got outside they were gone. I see them flying around at times but never over my house like that. It was pretty cool!
So today I went for a walk with my sister in law and the two dogs. We took our regular walk and were catching up with each other. She has been staying up here and going to nursing school, but was on break since before Christmas.
Anyhow, we were walking down the field and I was telling her about last week finding a bawling cow that had lost it's calf. We looked and looked for the calf last week but never found it. I told her how I found the placenta and umbilical cord and all that fun stuff. Sometimes a cow hides her calf and comes back later for it. That is what I thought had happened until the next day when I walked down that same field and saw her bawling. At that point it was presumed dead but we never found a sign of it.
Anyhow, as we were walking I saw a bunch of buzzards probably 20-30 all flying and jumping around on the ground like they do. I said to my SIL geez that could be the dead calf that was missing, lets go check it out. So reluctantly she followed. What we found instead were two bald eagles stuck together with their talons piercing each other! They were both on the ground one was flapping its wings frantic to get loose but could not. The other one was dazed, not fighting but obviously in distress. They were both bleeding. Without thinking, I decided to help them. I climbed through the barbed wire fence and grabbed ahold of the flapping eagle. That is no small feat in itself. They are very big and heavy. Their talons are extremely strong! I did manage to pull the talons of the one eagle out of the other eagle and vice versa! At that point the eagle was free and began flapping harder. I released it. It flew up and away. It was an amazing sight and I wish I had brought the camera or at least my phone with me. At that point the other eagle was badly hurt and in need of help. So I told my SIL to stay with it to keep the buzzards away and I ran home to get the phone and truck. By the time I got back it had passed away.
I spent the next several minuets trying to get ahold of someone to tell me what to do with the bird.
Finally, I got ahold of CA Dept. of Fish and Game and they asked me to bring it down to the office. It was all just so amazing and unbelievable to have witnessed something like that. You just can't believe how big they are by seeing a picture or even one on t.v.
The Fish and Game thought they were probably fighting with each other and got stuck together. They said they had a similar case last year. I hope the one that I freed survives. I will be watching for it on my next walk! I will be sure to take my phone and camera from now on!

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What's In An Owl Pellet?

Well lets find out!
I finally found one the other day and dug though it. Since I had never seen one before I had no idea how large they were! This one was black and kinda reminded me of paper pulp about the size of a baseball! Of course I forgot to bring my camera that day on my walk. I was so mad at myself. Never forget your camera! That is when you always find something interesting to take a picture of!!!(-:
Anyhow, I did find this cute little jaw bone.

That's as much as I could find because the dogs were ready to move on to the next attraction. We just have way to much fun here don't we?(-:
Speaking of teeth...
I think I will share one of mine with you(-:

Isn't it ugly? Well I lost a filling and the tooth cracked and broke. No chance of saving it so I had to have it removed. And yes, I asked the doctor to save it for me so I could put it under my pillow for the toothfairy!(-: Just kidding, but hey you never know right?(-:
After much thought I decided to have an implant done. The Oral Surgeon said I was a perfect candidate and that it would go right in after he removed the old tooth. I thought that would be a good idea compared to having a bridge to no where put in! The whole procedure wasn't bad at all. Really, I expected a lot worse! All I needed was some advil and I was good to go(-:
The soup/yogurt/jello diet is getting old though. I can't wait till my appointment tomorrow and he says its all healed and ready to chomp on(-:
I will have to wait for 4 months to get the new tooth put on(-:

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dances With Owls

As I went to lock up the "girls" Sunday evening, I heard the Whoo Whoo of a Great Horned owl. Of course being me, I Whoo Whoo'd back. Well guess "Who" flew over to see me? Yup that’s right! It was Mr. Great Horned himself!(-: We had quite a nice chat and then he flew back the way he came. It was pretty amazing(-:

He and his matey (Click here to see a previous post) have lived in the neighborhood for several years now. I have been lucky enough to see them hatch out three sets of "little hooters". I think that qualifies me as being their friend(-: Although, I never imagined one would actually fly over to see me.(-: Usually we "chat" while they are up in the huge digger pine tree that is in our yard. They watch me as I mow the lawn and do other gardenly chores. Of course, they probably think it is quite boring to be a human(-: After all we must BBQ our meat or cook it in some way, where as they can just eat theirs as soon as they get it(-: Soon I hope to see the G.H.Owls getting ready to start their 4th family. I can't wait to have "chats" with their owlets(-:

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Snowy First Day of 2011

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has a very healthy and happy one!
We had a little snow last night and this is all that is left(-:

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