Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mystery Plant

Does anyone know what this is? It is growing in a pile of brush. Actually there are two of them. One is not blooming yet. I saw this the other day on my walk so this morning I took my camera. It is sticky/fuzzy like a rudbeckia. It smells. Not bad just not a good smell. The flowers are star shaped. I was thinking a Nicotiniana. It gets no water and is growing in the hot dry sun. (-:

Here is what it looks like today! This just amazes me. Usually I am dying of heat and so ready for fall I can hardly wait. This is the nicest weather I can remember in 20 years! It is awesome!


ferne said...

Good morning! I am getting ready to go to work, but coffee and blogging is part of how I get ready...I have to be awake to drive down Wildcat Rd. Your flower does look a nicotiana and so do the leaves, but I just went out and touched mine because I didn't remember it being sticky and mine isn't sticky so I am not sure. They do reseed easily so it could be. Have a great day!

Grace said...

Looks like a Nicotiana to me. I love them. Glad your weather is so hospitable. Lots of rain here, north of you. I like rain but this is ridiculous. :)

My Little Family: said...

the moment i saw it i thought nictotina

Lola said...

A beautiful plant & the bloom is awesome. I have no clue as to what it is. Do let us know if you get an ID.
So far no rain today. I think it is wet enough. My lawn needs to be mowed but has been too wet.

The Japanese Redneck said...

I don't know that one.

Luv the cloudy pics.