Monday, July 25, 2011

New Mushrooms

I got a coupon online for 10.00 off a purchase of 10.00 so off I went to find something to spend it on. I found these cute little mushrooms. On sale to boot! I spent 15.00 for the both of them. They are heavy ceramic. If you want to run over to Pier 1 they may have some more for you. Heres a coupon just in case...(-:

Monday in the Garden

Except I took these on Sunday afternoon(-: The sun was so bright and warm I thought it would make the pictures look nice.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 24th

It is another beautiful day here! Loving the nice days!

Of course what would summer be without the bottle tree?(-:

Oh and of course the beautiful forever blooming pan flowers!

Even the fish are smiling!

I am loving how this is filling in! I think I will move this out of the frost danger this winter so the Echeveria will not fry. Some people in zone 9 have no problem with these but for some reason here, we must have a cold air pocket.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pan Flowers

I got the flowers "planted" on Sunday but it was to late to take pictures. I am having problems getting a good picture because when I think about going out there to take a picture it's either dusk or dawn. LOL Hopefully I can remember to take some pictures this afternoon when the sun is shining in that spot! Until then you will have to imagine how they look in the sunshine(-:

Conduit Pipe from Home Depot/Lowes etc. 2.00 for a 10 foot piece. I bought three. I used two and a half. I have extra for next project that way(-:

I cut the pipe with a hack saw the length I wanted it.
Then I drilled holes in the conduit pipe and holes in the pans. I put the holes close to the curve of the pan so it would not show as much when mounted on the pole except for the newest pan I put the hole in the middle...just for fun(-:
I hammered the pipes into the ground where I wanted them to be.
Then attached with a bolt/nut/washer(-: Super simple.(-:
July 22, 2011 8:50 PM

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mystery Plant

Does anyone know what this is? It is growing in a pile of brush. Actually there are two of them. One is not blooming yet. I saw this the other day on my walk so this morning I took my camera. It is sticky/fuzzy like a rudbeckia. It smells. Not bad just not a good smell. The flowers are star shaped. I was thinking a Nicotiniana. It gets no water and is growing in the hot dry sun. (-:

Here is what it looks like today! This just amazes me. Usually I am dying of heat and so ready for fall I can hardly wait. This is the nicest weather I can remember in 20 years! It is awesome!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer Daze

This summer is flying by, like the speed of light. I am working this summer which is totally weird to me since I have not worked in the summer since before I had my daughter. She is 24 now! Wow the years fly by! Its amazing!
Anyhow, this summer I was asked to help out at my husbands office so I said I would. Even though it's only part time it takes the whole day! By the time I get ready for work...go to work and then get home, the day is mostly over. It puts a damper on my gardening to say the least!

The weather has been totally awesome though, and I am enjoying my flowers more then ever before. They seem to love the cool weather. Well really who doesn't???(-:
Usually at this time of the year it is in the mid 100's. This time though we are in the 80's! It is so nice. Next week the weather will be 90+ degrees and then of course I am sure it will be 100+ again! I need to get out and enjoy it while I can!

Another thing I did this year that has SAVED the flowers is I bought several soaker hoses and spread them through the flower gardens. I turn them on and let the roots get a good drink each day. They get hit by the sprinklers everyday too, but its not enough obviously! Usually,it is extremely hot and dry here. We also have huge trees in the yard that suck up every form of moisture available! I wouldn't have it any other way though. The trees are a life saver for sure! They really cool things off during our long hot summers! The raking in the fall is an adventure, but when I think of how hot it was here when we first built our house, I always feel thankful we planted them!

So anyhow without anymore more explanations here is whats is going on in my garden!!!!

This is a new project. More Pan Flowers. I have been rusting up the two and I just got the other one yesterday at the Salvation Army. I drive right by there everyday on the way to and from work. I have been stopping in once a week to check on what they have. Now I need to get some conduit pipe to finish these flowers up(-: I will post pictures when they are all mounted and standing proudly!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Flea Market Gardening Summer 2011 Magazine

A Big Thanks To Anna Flowergardengirl for adding me to her Flea Market Gardening Magazine! What an honor(-:
There are a lot of great pictures and stories to view in this magazine. You will enjoy it I'm sure.
Click below to view:
Flea Market Gardening Summer 2011 Magazine