Sunday, May 8, 2011

Owlet Rescue

Well the owlet that was separated in another tree decided to try to make a flight over to be with his siblings. He didn't make it and landed in the grass. I decided to help him out.

Cutest little critter I have ever seen(-:

It was so amazing to be able to hold him(-:

What a sweet little bird(-: Their feathers are so soft and thick(-: Very strong feet!

Happy to be getting a lift up to a branch(-:

Goodnight Owlet...see you in the morning!(-:

Yay, he made it up the tree. He is the one on the left. Now they are all together...for now(-: The mom was in the three to the left when I got there. I bet she is having a great mothers day...those little owlets eat a lot of mice a day! On one site it says 13-17 per owlet between the age of 3-4 weeks! An adult owl eats about 4 mice per day. Hungry little critters! Nice that they are here and cleaning up the mice population(-:


Grace Peterson said...

Your owl family is just adorable. I'm glad the rescue went well. Happy Mother's Day to you.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

OMG ! Cindee that is amazing you were able to relocate him back to his mom!
Who took the pictures because there are absolutely wonderful, and a huge YES ! this little guy is the cutest puff of feathers and huge eyes .. I have seen some on TV shows but this is even better .. that is so great you could do that for the owl family.
You are a cracker jack girl ! Well done !!
Happy Mom's Day girl .. you did GOOD !!
Joy : ) .. I now know an owl rescue gal ! wink wink

Robin's Nesting Place said...

How cute! What a wonderful thing for you to have experienced. It was special just getting close enough to photograph, but to actually hold it-now that is awesome!

Netty said...

WOW! What an absolutely amazing bird!
Fantastic shots, well done!

Lola said...

He is so cute. I'm sure they are happier now being together.

The Japanese Redneck said...

Glad you were there to help.

We saw an owl on our power line Sat. nite. 1st time I've ever seen one on the property. Heard them plenty of times.

CiNdEe said...

Hi Everyone(-:
Yup owlets are all happy together in the same tree now. I check on them several times each day(-: They are right out in my back yard so its real handy(-:

My husband took the pictures while I held the baby(-:

artteachergirl said...

Beautiful pictures. We have owls like these in our yard, and have for years. They follow us around the property sometimes. It's amazing you could touch this one. So glad you were able to reunite them! Best, Vicki