Sunday, May 22, 2011

Flowers and Stuff

I thought you might like to see more then just owlets! (-: SO here is whats happening in my gardening today...

The fish tub.

Flowers my brother made me for Mothers Day(-:

Scentimental Rose

Pretty Red Roses and behind that is the Mock Orange. It has been blooming for several weeks this year!

Peonies! They look so beautiful!

My treasured fan blade flower(-:

Dainty Bess rose.

Betty Boop rose.

The ivy bed/pillows I planted is growing well! There is always more going on here but I picked out what I thought was the best for today(-:


creekside rummager said...

Hi again Cindee - I was hoping you post your garden. So beautiful. Your peonies are just perfect. And I love your garden art. Cute watering can. Have a good week.

rachel said...

Your flowers look great! I really like your garden metal art ~I have a few things in my yard but my mom has alot of it in hers. It's very cool!

rachel said...
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ferne said...

Love seeing all your garden art! I am really loving the Dainty Bess Rose, so beautifully simple!

The Japanese Redneck said...

I luv your yard art.

That is a beautiful Dainty Bess Rose. Very neat.

Lola said...

Love your garden art. I need to add some to my garden.

Rick a.k.a. Rabone said...

Cindee, I just love your garden. Every time I visit your site it puts a smile on my face. I would love to visit it in person one day.

I have a request. Would you do a post on how you did the succulent table and chair you have in your garden? I would love to see how you did that (so I can copy it!).

Grace said...

Wow Cindee, I'm impressed that you were able to get so many photos of the illusive creatures. And such great shots too. I hope they stick around.