Thursday, April 7, 2011

Need Help Finding "Lemon" Yellow Lamp Shades

I thought I would post this here for my dear readers. Maybe you guys might know where I can find lamp shades in a lemon yellow?
Like this one
My daughter is looking for them and I told her I would look too but there are none! I have seen pictures on line but none for sale! I have seen where I could make some but I have never done that before so wanted some ideas or suggestions from someone first before I atempt it(-: Thanks in advance for all your help!!!!!


The Japanese Redneck said...

Maybe you could find some at garage sales. I've bought several old lamps like that.

I like that idea.

Brighid said...

I know they have some at Ikea in W Sac. You can see them online & they are priced right. Or hit the thrift stores and dye like they link did. Good hunting.