Thursday, August 5, 2010

What's New Buckaroo?

Well have you ever had an up close and personal visit with a kidney stone? Well you are about to...(-:

Your thinking ...oh no Cindee had a kidney stone and that's why she is never on here...but you are thankfully this jewel belongs to my husband. Which, I may add is much worse by far. My husband is a big baby when he is sick so its been a week of playing nurse maid here for me.
I will say though my husband has only been off work in the 30 years I have known him 5 times. One time he cut his leg with a chainsaw. One time was the chickenpox. One time he had hives and one time he had pneumonia, and now this. So that's a pretty good work record. (-: This time I think was the worst because we did not know what was wrong.
A big problem my husband has is...he won't go to the doctor unless he is dying or thinks he is. But, we did get there because he felt like he was dying on Monday afternoon...I thought so too and was pretty worked up. It turned out to be a massive bladder/kidney infection. The doctor did not mention a kidney stone could be involved.
A (RN) nurse friend told me to periodically have him check his urine by going in a cup so I suggested it to him this morning again and sure enough that's when that thing was born. Geez. So now we are waiting for him to feel better. So far he has kept a little food down for 6.5 hours and that is the longest since Sunday evening. So, Yahooo! Hopefully this thing is behind us. I hope so! I am worn out! This has been a longgggg summer of sickness for us. I am ready to go back to school!

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