Sunday, June 6, 2010

I'm Back With New Rules To My Game (Blog)

Due to spending to much time on here I decided to not allow comments or emails from the blog. Hopefully no one gets to upset but actually it will save you all time too! I know you all enjoy my pictures so I am not worried about it to much. I just got myself to stressed trying to keep up with posting/comments/and visiting. So I am doing what is best for me(-: I know you all will understand eventually(-:
I will still visit you all and comment when I can(-: Yay!
Other then visits from the range cows and snail invasion things are growing right along here. I am finally done with another school year and I am off for the summer!

O.K. on to blogging...

The first picture is my dear Great Horned Owl nesting in the pine tree again this year. I can't wait to see the babies(-: Don't worry I will post pictures when they hatch.(-: Great Horned Owls are awesome birds. I love them!

Next is a cheapo alligator children's mask I threw into the pond for a few laughs(-:
It worked didn't it? I knew it(-:

These next two pictures are Weeping Japanese Maples that were purchased at Lowes for 19.99 each!!!! Yup, you read that right. I think it was a screw up, but I grabbed them up anyhow(-: I also have one more of the standard size ones that was only 7.00, because it was split. My DH drilled a couple holes in the truck and bolted it together. It is good to grow now! I forgot to take a picture of it time...It is about 10 feet tall. All of these are in five gallon pots.(-:

This bed speaks for itself...

Of course my 17 year old cat Wyatt had to get into the shot!

Crock of Geranium

Backyard bed

Planters I put around the trees out front last year. They look pretty good this year.
Makes me glad I spent all that back breaking work on them(-:
Jack is giving a close exam of the soil. Yup, he gave it his paw of approval...(-:

Tub of geranium and poppies

Out back again. Everything is growing well this Spring, no thanks to the cows.

These are my brand new mushrooms. The big one is a solar light! I just love them! I got them at Ace Hardware.(-:

Lillies my daughter got me(-:

Old Masher with Semps.

The old bathtub pond. I replanted the old sink with moss. I like it much better(-:

Molly fish

This is another newbie. I had to have it of course because I love sunflowers! Another Ace Hardware purchase!

Old Plow.



Old turtle planter. The cows stepped on it and I glued it back together. The cows had a party in my yard this Spring. They left a mess behind and are banned from returning unless they want to end up in the freezer!

Front yard photos.

And last but not least is the bed redo. I moved it where it would get more sun and I am going to make it my "Red Bed" planter(-: Hopefully will finish it next week! You may remember I had Japanese grasses in it before and those were safely moved to new locations. This spot will get lots of sunshine and therefore I will have some annuals planted in it(-:
Jack snuck in for the picture too. He continues to rule the roost here!

Please excuse all the leaves/branches/and lawn unmowed! We had a windy storm here this past week! We managed to get rain which was the best part of it! I have a lot of clean up to do though...(-:

Thats it for this posting. I hope you all are enjoying your planting season!

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