Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dethatching Lawn and Fertilizing 101

One fine Spring day, I wondered to myself, how I could get my lawn dethatched and fertilized in less then an hour. Impossible you say?
Well I beg your pardon!
I had the help of a 20+ herd of cows come to my rescue!
They worked diligently and without complaint as they scoured every square foot of my garden!
Mind you they had no intention of leaving after their hard labor was finished like many folks on a job would! They required no pay, another plus for them! And fertilizer? Oh there was a ton of it spread all over the place, all free of charge too!
What??? You are laughing??? Well that is about all you can do in that type of situation.
Jack being the brave warrior he is, ushered them out of the yard with as little damage as was possible. Minus a few broken things and a lot of mess left behind.

I do not recommend this type of dethatching. I also recommend making sure that the gate is closed if you have range cows near by, because they are very hungry and eager to pay a visit to a nice green grass filled yard. It doesn't matter if there are hundreds of acres of grass growing just outside that said gate. Nope, they love to eat the tender lawn grass and the lovely flowers that bloom inside that gate.

Well that pretty much sums up my Spring! I basically spent most of it cleaning up after those said cows. Whoopie!
Amazing enough everything survived, including me! (-:
The beasts will be on their way up North to their Summer stomping grounds sometime next week!
To the dearly departing bovine...Don't let the gate hit you in the A$$!

Next year, I will instruct the younger folk who live here to make sure the gate is closed all the time!

What? You wonder where the pictures are? Oh there were no time for pictures when the cows came to visit, believe me!
Just open your freezer and take out a pound of hamburger and appreciate them in that form!
Bon Appetit!

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