Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Safe From The Storm

Once again,
It pours outside,
The pond is full,
The creek rages below,
The critters have,
No place to go,
To dry their feathers,
Fur or hide,
I should open the door,
Invite them inside,
We could watch a movie,
I would pop some corn,
Sit by the fire,
Toasty and warm,
They could sleep on the sofa,
Recline in the chair,
Prop up their feet,
Or hooves in the air,
Safe from harm,
No worries,
No cares.

~ by cindee ~

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WiseAcre said...

Kind of looks like around here. Rain all day yesterday melted a good foot of snow and that added up to a hell of a lot of water. What doesn't drain off today will be frozen tonight.

The Japanese Redneck said...

Looks like ya'll had a lot of rain. We're suppose to get it Weds. and Thurs. Yuck.

Like the poem.

Barbee' said...

Love the coziness of your poem! Is there room for me, too?

Grace Peterson said...

Except for what they might do on the carpet. [Sorry. I've got a weird sense of humor.] Sweet words as always, Cindee. I like the red effect. Valentine's Day maybe?