Friday, January 22, 2010

New Flower Order

Dancing Queen

Floris Hekker
I had a gift certificate from White Flower Farm to use so I ordered these. I am in need of flowers!!!!!!(-: I am going through flower withdrawl(-:
Can't wait till they arrive!

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creekside rummager said...

Aren't we all. These should be fun.

Carol said...

Wow! Gorgeous Amaryllis! They will brighten your days... something to look forward to. ;>)

pammiejo said...

I'm with you about the flowers! Even all the plants I've brought in to the greenhouse have no flowers now. I have 2 amaryllis that I'm waiting on - they usually bloom about now - so far, no buds coming up.

Rick a.k.a. Rabone said...

How are your violets doing? It was your posts about violets that prompted me to explore getting some for myself! And be sure and thank whoever gave you the White Flower Farm certificate. Maybe they will do it again.

Cozy Little House said...

I think my amaryllis up and died on me. I need to get some flowers going too. Good for the mood and the soul.

Brighid said...

My amaryllis was just about to bud stage when along came a ronchy ol doe and nipped it off..she then rudely spit it out, pooped on the deck and bounded away. I tried to organic glue the amaryllis back together, not taking so far...
Ahhh, White Flower Farm gift certificate where art thou...ok so I'll just send in my own order. Good to go!

CiNdEe said...

Hi Creekside Rummager,
I think so too(-:

Hi Carol,
I thought the striped one was kinda different and fun. I always wanted a red one too so I got both(-:

Hi PammieJo,
The amaryllis usually do send up shoots around now if they are in the house. I have one in the yard that blooms in June. I hope yours start showing some signs of life!

Hi Rick,
The violets are doing great! Well the older ones at least. I am still waiting for some of the new ones that are almost 2 years old to bloom(-: One does have buds but it is going very slow! Soon I hope!!! The gift certificate is actually from something I got a refund on(-: It is nice I had it though(-:

Hi This Cozy Little House,
I hate when things die)-: After all that care! Maybe it just hasn't decided to grow yet. You could check the bulb and see if it is still alive.

Hi Brighid,
Oh that rude Doe! I guess it didn't taste as good as an apple. All that waiting too. I hate when that happens.
Deer are better then cows though. Sometimes they get in during the winter and there is nothing but 2 foot holes and cow pies all over the yard! Not good.

NellJean said...

It's truly the Year of the Amaryllis. Mine is almost done, and leaves are showing up.

I saw a red striped and a solid red planted together someplace. It was stunning. One was taller than the other.

What a nice gift you have!

just jody said...

let there be flowers.....color........the intoxicating...heady.... smell of flowers in the garden.....hurry spring....hurry.........

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

We all feel your pain. LOL! You pick out some beauties to help ease it Cindee. I have fallen in love with amaryllis this winter.

The Japanese Redneck said...

Your going to love them. Some of my bulbs are peeking out now. I'll have to check on the amaryllis.