Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ahoy Maties!

Shiver Me Timbers!
It is way to cold and windy outside!
I think I will just rest right here under the blankies today(-:
I hope all my fur buddies are warm and toasty under their blankies too!
I'm thinking summer heat and the good old sun shining down on my fur.
Chasing squirrels and whatever else will run from me!
Digging in the dirt, taking a dirt bath...oh the life! I do miss it!
Take care friends! Captain Jack

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The Japanese Redneck said...

Hey Captain Jack,

I'm ready for warmer weather too!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

What a cutie :) It sounds like there's a lot of crazy weather going on right now. I can't wait for sun either.

Cozy Little House said...

He's so sweet, dear Jack! I keep telling the cats, if they'd stop running when the dogs take chase, the dogs will get bored and stop chasing them.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Jack my friend you are just one pampered pup. Oh, the hard life of a doggy. LOL!

Anna/Flowergardengirl™ said...

Hey Jack! We had a few days of warm and then it turned cold and rainy today. But that's ok...58 days till Spring I think. I can handle that.

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

So cute!! Ellie is sitting my the fire as I write this... being a little dog with hair not fur she is always cold and can't wait for spring and summer either! We are counting down the days! Keep warm!

My Little Family: said...

Jack, my Daisey sends a warm hug from Florida.

Cinj said...

Hi Jack! Speedy here. My owner hid all of the blankets away when she went on a cleaning spree so I had to resort into crawling into one of her canvas grocery bags.

My Little Family: said...

Let's see a photo of Jack in his snuggle!

CiNdEe said...

Hi Japanese Redneck,
Right at this minute I am sitting by the fire!

Hi Cathernine,
Its raining so hard outside Jack didn't even want to go outside for a potty break!

Hi Cozy Little House,
Yeah if the cats run then Jack chases. He thinks its a sport!!!

Hi Hocking Hills Gardener,
Jack is one spoiled little dog(-:

Hi Anna/Flowergarden Girl,
Oh I can't wait till Spring!!!

Hi Ellie Maes Cottage,
Oh yes lay by the fire as close as possible. It really warms the fur up good!

Hi My Little Family/Daisey,
Thanks for the hug! I would like to return the hug to you too! Stay warm!!

Hi Cinj/Speedy,
OMGosh I would die without my blankies all over the house. I go from one room to the other and snuggle under them. My Mom snatches them up every now and then to wash. I hate that!
The grocery bag sounds fun though!

Hi My Little Family,
I will have to get a picture for you of Jack in his snuggie(-: Its funny(-: