Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Saturdays Road Trip

Lake McCumber in Shingletown,CA

Lake McCumber has a camp ground and you can fish on the lake in a canoe or non motorized boat(-:

Lake McCumber is so pretty and it is so quiet and peaceful there.

Mt. Lassen

Mt. Lassen

In the Lake McCumber area we saw this Doe with twin fawns. They stood in the woods for their first photograph(-: Aren't they sweet?(-:

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Cactus Monday

Happy Cactus Monday!
I know how much you all like my weird planters so today I will share a few more...(-:

Here is a tea pot in a tree...Angelina Sedum fills the pot.

Next we have an old pair of adidas baseball cleats filled with sempervivums.

Last but not least is another pair of old baseball cleats filled with Sempervivums.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to swing by and check out the other Cactus Monday participants at our hostess with the mostest Teri

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Morning Visitor

Walking the dogs through the yard Saturday morning this was there to greet us.

That was not a tail wagging because it was happy to see us either!
This thing was slithering across my lawn! If you said Sheeeeet... you would be close to guesing how I reacted!
Adrenaline pumping...you get the picture!
My granddog walked over it before I realized it was a rattlesnake! Of course I yelled and scared Gus to death and he ran back across the snake to me! Lucky thing it was stretched out and trying to move not in the striking position!
I grabbed Jack and Gus and put them in the house.
When I knew the boys were safely inside and no one was hurt I grabbed a shovel. Problem with rattlesnakes for me is I can not hear them rattle!
If I worried about it the way most people would I would never leave the house. Rattlesnakes are plentiful around here. Good advice is...
always have a shovel handy when you live in the country!

Snake stew anyone? How about bbq snake steak?(-:

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Blooms

I planted two huge packs of wildflower seeds in the Spring. Well this is the only one that showed up and I have no idea what it is. Anyone want to guess?
Thanks to Nola we have an answer to this one.
It is a Larkspur! Thanks Nola!!!!
Enjoy your day!!!!

I got this Japanese Painted Fern last weekend. Its so pretty and I have wanted one since I saw Joys(-:

I also bought this deer fern at the same place last weekend(-: So little and cute!

Plums are ready to pick

Peaches are almost ready!

I hope the squirrels have enough sunflower seeds to eat...(-:

A pretty red rose!

Of course one more daylily! I never get tired of seeing them blooming!

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Fertilizer Friday

Happy Last Fertilizer Friday of the Month!!!! Can you believe the month is coming to an end already? Time to pour on the fertilizer so you can see those blooms excel to great bounds! Mine are doing super this year. Although the heat has arrived here and things will be slowing down somewhat. Of course the annuals will still do great as long as I water them extra well! Enjoy todays photos and have a great Fertilizer Friday!!!

Growing right along...
I had to add these pictures later because I had to prune the hedge this morning and fertilize of course(-: I love the hedge freshly pruned. Its a lot of work but I love the end result!(-:
Don't mind the newly planted annuals. I gave up on my seedlings and got some pony packs. Hopefully in a few weeks they will fill in the empty space(-:

Ornamental Strawberry

Light Pink Crepe Myrtle

Yellow and orange Canna Lily

Spider Wort

Zinnas I just planted two weeks ago are doing great!

Marigolds I planted two weeks ago too. They are doing great as well!



White Heirloom Phlox (Perennial)

Orange Nasturtiums

Orange Canna.

The Tulip Magnolia is in bloom for the second time this year!

A fern planted in an old funnel.

Russian Sage

Purple Crepe Myrtle. I have a lot of crepe myrtles so there will be a lot of pictures when they are blooming!(-: Some people have problems with them but I give them the systemic rose food and that keeps the problems off(-:

White Butterfly bush


Be sure to stop by and say hi to Tootsie and check out all the wonderful flowers today!!!!

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gardening On A Budget AKA 1 Cent Rock Gardens

These are my new rock beds. I gathered rocks for free and laid them around the trees. The soil was 1 Cent!
Long story short, my husband found a 20 dollar bill on the ground in a parking lot the other day. He looked around and there was no one anywhere near that it could have dropped from. So he kept it(-: I mean like what are you going to do... go back into the store and ask if anyone dropped $20.00 in the parking lot? Yeah didn't think so...so.....anyhow he gave it to me to buy the soil with.(-: I went to the landscaping materials store and got a 1/2 yard of soil which totaled 20.03. I didn't have any change (how weird is that?) except one penny! The guy said no problem he had a cup of pennies on the counter for situations like this. (how sweet was that?) So, the whole thing was only 1 cent.
I am calling this my One Cent Garden! I moved a few garden ornaments and I planted a few transplants from around the yard already. I have a lot more to do but this is the basic thing. I love things that are free, but 1 cent...how can I complain? Well my back is complaining from all the lifting and moving of the rocks and dirt but oh well...(-: I am happy(-:

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Metal Art

I bought these cool girls from K D Metal Crafters. They also made my kids for the children's garden and my moon and stars man. They are super nice folks! I would recommend them to anyone who wants a custom made item at a reasonable price. I chose to not have the items sealed because I wanted the rusty look for my kids.(-: Each kid is 3 feet tall(-: I wanted a more realistic sized child for the garden.
BTW this is not a paid ad...(-: I just love these kids and thought you would enjoy seeing them and knowing where you could buy your own...(-:

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