Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another Mouth To Feed

Last night as I went to put the chickens to bed and Batten Down The Hatches I heard a loud squawking sound coming from the bird feeder area. As Wyatt lay in was a baby Oriole.
I had to decide fast what I was going to do as it was getting dark and the baby bird would be a late night snack for the cat. So, I rescued it of course!
I brought it in and fed it some gruel...Jack helped...(-: Actually you would be surprised how protective he gets over all the babies. He growls at Gus if he comes in the room! Pretty cute(-:

Then I put it to bed in a bucket. I thought, well if it makes it through the night I will figure out what to do next. Well it made it. And this is what I decided to do.

After putting it in the bucket the little bird jumped up on top of the bucket and squawked loudly for his mom and dad. A few minuets later a Mother bird showed up and called him out of the bucket onto the ground. He scurried into the foliage and was gone. Mom and Dad are flying around and squawking as are all the birds in the yard.

I found the nest where the baby fell from. He/She is happily reunited with the family.

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Fertilizer Friday

Today we will start off with pictures of the veggie garden. It needs fertilizing too right? Can't wait till those veggies are ready to munch on!



Fertilizer works on get out yours and hop to it!!!
Don't forget to stop over at Tootsies Blog and say howdy!

How about a Squirrel? It likes to hog the feeder.

A back shot of the Children's Garden. There is basically no room to play...(-:

Tropicana Canna Lily. I love the leaves.

Yellow Yarrow...(-:

Floribunda Red Rose.

Double Pink Hollyhock

What garden would be complete without a shower? Wait what is in there?

Oh, its Mista Otta...

Close up of Mista Otta...

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pictures for Thursday

Desert Peace Rose

Yellow Daylily

Table and Chairs Planter

Red Daylily

Pink Poodle Mini Rose

Dark Pink Hollyhock


The Childrens Garden

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Where are all the frogs?

Hey look its a Garter snake how sweet...

Snakes are good for the garden right?...

Geezzz what is in this guys belly? See the bulge? That's a large toad. That was snakey poos lunch...)-:
Poor toad. Wheres Jack?

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday 20!

Flowers blooming in the Childrens Garden!

Hollyhocks on Steroids! They are over 6 feet high this year!

Dark Pink Hollyhocks.

A Pink Hollyhock.

Another Pink Hollyhock.

A new rose Handel climber for the childrens garden.

A bird getting a drink.

A bird looking at the camera.

Two Doves In Love!

A Butterfly and Geraniums.

Another geranium and butterfly picture.

Calycanthus still blooming!

The beautiful Catalpa Tree in full bloom!

The Fisherman At The Pond.

A couple of frogs cooling off in the leaves of a plant.

Nasturtiums in bloom.

Had to put another rattail cactus in here too! Isn't it outstanding?

My daughter filled my waterbed pond up with tadpoles.

Waterbed Pond

Tropicana blooming.

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