Thursday, October 15, 2009

Snails and Acorns and Moss...Oh My!

This is the forth house completed.
It has a lot of cool things which are all recycled of course(-:
The metal roof I found on a walk with the "boys" Whoooof!!! It was rusty and almost the perfect size. I just had to cut off a little bit to make it fit! I covered the edges with different things to have it tie into the rest of the house.
The front door is again a piece of drift wood cut. The little window on the front of the house is an old washer with a piece of mosaic tile cut to fit.
I also added a porch light on this house using an acorn top and a piece of the crash glass that I recycled.
This house is number "81" because that was all the numbers left to choose from.(-:
The back has an old gear and an old washer with a piece of mirror glued in for the window. It also has a stone half wall that was glued and grouted. I love how that turned out, but my favorite part is the patio area(-:
I had the little grapevine fencing and I cut that to fit around the patio area.
I got a close up of that for you. It's so cool.
Misting the mosses on the different houses keeps them alive and green It's also fun to play with(-: Suddenly, I am 7 years old again playing with my dolls(-: What fun!!!(-: I think this has been a healing experience for me making these houses. Not all of us were lucky enough to have a happy childhood. Sometimes creating things helps in that area(-:
Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this series of pictures. I do have one more to finish and then I will be posting pictures of it too!

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Nell Jean - Seedscatterer said...

All Fairy Houses are wonderful garden accessories. What fun!

Brighid said...

I think this one is my favorite, no, it's the first one, or the second...OMG They are all just as cute as can be. Thanks for sharing.
Are you making a scarecrow?
Jack, If your down this way we could meet up, ditch that crazy scottie pup "Gus" and go for a cool one down at the creek. Maxwell the wonder Cowdog Ret.

The Japanese Redneck said...

Cute. Love it. I'm glad it's making you happy to make them.


Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

I think this one is my favorite so far too...probably because I love the metal roof. Once again you did an awesome job!

Gail said...

Cindee It's wonderful! gail

Julie said...

How absolutely awesome!!! I am so glad these houses bring you joy! It is wonderful you found this. I love how you give them all house numbers and really personalize each one for the particular fairy that will enjoy it!!! :)

My Little Family: said...

Julie, you are very talented. I don't recall what you are doing with these? In your garden?

Daisey says hi to Jack ;)

CiNdEe said...

Hi Nell Jean- Seedscatterer,
Thanks for commenting!!!

Hi Brighid,
Thank You(-: I can't decide on a favorite either(-:
I didn't make a scarecrow yet.

Hey Max,
I would really like to ditch Gus! He is annoying to say the least! Just last night I was digging for a rat and he didn't even help me! Of course I caught it and he just stood there the whole time watching. What a slacker! We could have so much fun chasing things and catching things! I'll ask Mom!!!

Hi Japanese Redneck,

Hi Ellie Mae's Cottage,

Hi Gail,
Thank You!!!

Hi Julie,
Thanks! They are so fun to make!

Hi My Little Family,
I haven't done anything with them yet. They are just sitting amongst the violets right now in my house!

Hi Daisey!!!
What are you going to be for Halloween? My mom got me a purple monkey costume! I am sooooooo mortified!!!! I told her I wanted to be a PIRATE!!!!!! She said the purple monkey was to cute! Geezzzzzz