Monday, August 31, 2009

Whats New? Captain Jack Reports...

Well my Mom has been really busy. With what you ask? You will never believe this story. Its just nuts!
Last week on Thursday my brother and his friends went sailing at the lake where my Mom and Dad take me. See picture above for the view(-:
Anyhow... when my brother got to the lake and unloaded his sail boat he found a baby rat laying (or is that lying? Forgive me I forget) on the boat trailer! He said the rest of the family must have fallen off on the ride to the lake! How tragic right? Well you know if I was there, there would be no rats left(-: Anyhow, my brother has a soft heart...kinda gets that from my Mom!
He felt bad for the little baby and took it over to the grass and laid it down. Then he and his friends went sailing for the afternoon. I guess he didn't feel that sorry...(-:
When he arrived back at the boat dock he checked on the baby rat. Guess what? It was still alive! Amazing huh? Of course I wasn't there to help with that part! So my brother decided it should come home and see what we could do to help it. Ha! I am laughing at this point in the story! Of course I would love to "help!"
My brother didn't have that kind of help in mind. How rude.)-: He asked my Mom to help with it! Can you believe it? What did they do you ask? Well they fixed some formula up and fed it with a syringe minus the needle of course! My mom keeps all this on hand just in case she has to take care of an orphan. It happens more then you think! I at this point still can't believe I am watching this happening. Me...the rat terrorist! I am really unhappy sitting next to my mom watching her feed this little baby RAT! Geez Mom what are you thinking? It needs to be fed every 3 hours? Are you kidding me? What about me? So anyhow you get the story. Mom is busy taking care of a rat. Oh you want to see it? Well your in luck cuz Dad snapped a picture for proof! Can you see me licking my chops? Well, no cuz Dad didn't take MY picture)-:

We did however get to go to the lake on Saturday. It was very nice and no RATS to look at all day! My brother had to take care of the rat(-: It was of course there when we got home and my sister even bought it a new little rat cage to live in! Can you believe it? We have to keep it? Oh...and Mom said to tell you its doing really good and its eyes opened yesterday! Yay now it can see me licking my chops!!!!

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Lou said...

Yep.. moms are that way..
this one has rescued and raised numerous squirrels and an opossum!
have photos of the hilarious escapades of these WILD critters!
thanks for the memories and the morning laugh!!

CiNdEe said...

Hi Lou,
Thanks for commenting(-:
I have raised many little critters on bottles too. A jack rabbit, grey squirrel, chipmonks, a goat kid, several calves, a lamb, and a fawn. We have had tons of birds that we either hatched or rescued over the years too! I love baby animals. They are very entertaining thats for sure!!!
It was always something at our house. If not something to nurse back to health then the kids were always bringing home something they "found" I can't remember how many snakes/lizzards etc got loose in the house over the years!
One time the kids caught crawdads and wanted to keep them in the aquarium. LOL Well, they got out in the night and were walking down the hallway the next day!

Julie said...

LOLOL! I would feel the same way as you, is sooooo cute!!! Oh, what the heck...what can you do? My MOm has recently cared for a found baby bird and a turtle she found on her doorsteep! That's a Mom for ya!!!

RainGardener said...

Too funny - cute story the way you told it. I don't know what I'd do if it were grown (because it's a rat) but I'm always a sucker for babies.

The Japanese Redneck said...

Hey Jack, that's how it goes sometimes.

Thanks for the story Cindee.


Brenda said...

I have to admit it's kind of cute. But then I guess it will grow up and become a rat...

Lola said...

Yeah it's cute but did you know that's where the plague came from?
We've raised baby critters too. My favorite was a squirrel.

Tootsie said...

well...all I can say is that I almost didn't finish reading when I heard there was a photo!!! I am with captain Jack....thank goodness we don't have rats here in Alberta...none. Mice are bad enough...I am terrified...yep...and I lived in the country! lol
you have such a soft heart girl...that baby is lucky to have had you there!
now...I know of a cat that needs a good home...he's as mean as it gets...and terrorist all the way..maybe Jack can whip him into shape?

Brighid said...

Listen if you need backup I'm your guy. Although I do prefer harrassing cattle to rats. Sometimes our people are just softies. Mine have saved many a critter. What's a guy to do but watch over our own as best we can.
Regards, Maxwell "the Wonder Cow Dog, ret."

CiNdEe said...

Hi Julie,
Yes Moms do tend to have that nurturing instinct(-: The rat is cute in a ratty type of way(-: I wish my Mom would let it go though(-:

Hi RainGardener,
Thanks for writing! I sure know what I would do if I had the chance!(-: Crunch Crunch(-:

Hi Japanese Redneck,
Yes laugh all you want(-: I will keep my eye on that rat for an opportunity(-:

Hi Brenda,
Yes cute is what my Mom calls me too. I think I am much better looking then that little creature!

Hi Lola,
I told my Mom that it could have a disease. She said oh well she would wash her hands after she held it. Go figure! Geeez humans!

Hi Tootsie,
No rats there? Wow that is no fun! I wouldn't like to live there without something to hunt(-: Now a cat sounds like fun! I love to chase cats(-: Cats = Large Rats!(-:

Howdy Maxwell!
Well now if you can convince your Mom to let you come up here we could take care of this little problem!(-:
Cows are fun to chase too and we have them during the winter months up here! They are a royal pain in the you know what! But nothing worse then a rat, especially when I have to look at it all day long inside a little clear plastic box! Can't my Mom keep it in the cupboard or something? Geezzzz

pammiejo said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog - I thought you, of all people, would appreciate the beer bottle path. I think it looks like something you'd do. As for the baby rat - only you - I would envision it as an adult and ooh - no way! PAM

CiNdEe said...

Hi PammieJo,
I love that path! I showed my husband and said can we do one too? He just rolled his eyes(-:
That is so cool! A lot of work I am sure but it sure looks neat!
The little rat is doing well. He is so funny. He likes me to hold him. I guess he is lonely in his little plastic box(-:

WiseAcre said...

Geeze your mom is mean not letting you have that nice chew toy.

CiNdEe said...

Hi WiseAcre,
Um yes that is what I told my mom just a bit ago when she was feeding that little rodent! I could make it squeek really loud! My mom was not laughing! She is no fun!
Thats o.k. I'm sure there are some squirrels that I can chase this morning on our walk!!!

Cinj said...

Aw, that rat is so cute. It reminds me of some more mice. I was out by my garden cart a few days (weeks?) ago and found yet another family of mice living in it. They were scared off when I opened the door. Glad they were big enough to see and mom was around because I'm not sure that I'd do such a good job of taking care of baby rodents.

Racquel said...

Hmmm..I know my Spaz would be thinking the same thing. Mom has lost her mind, lol. :)

My Little Family: said...

Oh jaws are quivering and I'm licking my lips......I WANT that RAT!!!!! Eddie Ratbone

Ewwwwww...Miss Daisey